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Cebuanas Filipina Women Dating Site Cebuanas is a growing Filipina online dating site in the Philippines, featuring Filipinas from Cebu, a province located in the central region of the country. Meet young and beautiful Cebuana girls, who are looking for their own life partner. This is another
National Review A new book explores the economics of modern mating. I n 1960 came the Pill, which disconnected sex from childbearing. In the 1990s and 2000s came widespread Internet connections, which facilitated easy access to both pornography and dating sites. And in the 2010s came smartphone
National Review Don’t believe the arguments pushed by ‘net neutrality’ activists: The government does more harm than good by interfering in the World Wide Web. I n late April, FCC chairman Ajit Pai announced at a press conference at the Newseum that his agency would revisit its 2015 determination
Why the 80/20 Rule Might Be the Key to Successful Dating You’ve likely heard of the 80/20 rule when it comes to diet (both Jillian Michaels and Miranda Kerr use it to guide their healthy eating habits), but there’s another area of your life that you should be applying the principle to: your dating
NSW government rejects findings of independent review into scripture in schools SHARE Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Link "More transparency" in SRE: Education Minister Rob Stokes. Photo: Brook Mitchell The state government has rejected the recommendations of an independent report into

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