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BTW: the longer I kept her on the line, the spicier the pictures became!! You must have a look!

BTW she says she's Australian and shows an aussie passport. She copied it from internet, but was too stupid to change basic things like numbers etc.

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Claims she is a US citizen visiting family in Accra Ghana.

Has asked for money to cover a birthday party - sent no money.

Suspicion because of lack of detail of real address to google earth her and lack of any personal detail in correspondence apart from phone number.

I don't know but may be she is a scammers because she want come to my city and is very soon.

Email address that we used was

Address is 441street accra ghana code 0233.

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Says. i am from las vegas but now with my mom at ghana since i lost my dad in car accident for 10yrs now, am single lady with no kids.

dad, a natural doctor in the states he born from australia, mom from ghana.

i am An Accountant here in alocal bank as unfortunately the bank thats i work in got burnt so i lost my job and i am in the house helping my mom to sell in the supermarket.

boyfriend took drugs and beat her so she left him 3 1/2 years ago.

Country: Ghana, West-Africa

She is posing as a part time dress designer and even send photos asked me to send $400 for a new sewing machine so that it would help her make some of the money needed to get her to Australia so we could be married.

I should have known about this website about a year ago. Her name is Marie Rose Scott and found me on be2 and i found her on facebook and badoo using the same name! As i read the other reports i learn all about the way she scams people and she is using the same way on me. cost me several thousand dollars send via western union to name Aric Murfield, ibadan Nigeria. Hope that people never fall for her again.

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