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AUSTRALIA’S ambassador to the United States has given a ringing endorsement of Donald Trump, but admits he’s not changing America.

GANG of would-be thieves have been stopped by fast-thinking warehouse workers in Czech Republic

A US politician facing sex claims has taken his own life, posting a suicide note on Facebook warning against “judge and jury fake news”.

TENSION is rising in Minneapolis with justice groups saying they will rally, whether or not the police officer who shot dead Australian life coach Justine Damond is charged.

NORTH Korea has broadcast images of former leader Kim Jong-il but it’s what appears in the background that matters.

MORE details have emerged about the final hours a Dutch teen model spent alive before she plunged 14 floors to her death after being at a ‘drug-fuelled’ swingers party.

AN AUSTRALIAN who was part of the Democrats’ historic win in Alabama says the result is hugely damaging for the President.

THEY’VE operated in the shadows for years, carrying out Russia’s deadliest missions that “would make your hair stand on end”.

A RESPECTED surgeon has admitted carving his initials on the livers of patients during surgery. He pleaded guilty to two counts of assault.

REPUBLICAN Roy Moore was expected to be punished at the polls over allegations he preyed on teenage girls. But the votes had a surprising message.

FRIENDS and family react with horror as an Australian woman and her son are slain in their supposedly safe Pacific island home.

THE White House has contradicted recent comments by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, an official saying it’s “not the time” to negotiate with North Korea.

HARVEY Weinstein has broken his silence on the torrent of assault claims made against him to deny allegations that he forced actress Salma Hayek to do a nude lesbian sex scene.

RAPPER Lil Peep’s death is being investigated by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, which is attempting to find out who gave the star fentanyl.

ONE of Donald Trump’s senior advisers and most prominent African-American supporters has left the White House. Did she quit or was she fired?

THE father of Keaton Jones, the boy whose bullying video went viral, has been revealed as a white supremacist in jail for assault.

A GAY porn star has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering his wealthy older boyfriend in a bizarre plot that resulted in the mother of his child also ending up in jail.

SOUTH KOREA sent in SWAT teams to simulate a terror attack to show off security ahead of hosting next year’s Winter Olympics.

MEGHAN Markle has been given a special privilege that Kate Middleton was not granted when she was engaged to Prince William.

HE’S just been hospitalised, but that hasn’t stopped Republican Senator John McCain slamming Donald Trump after the US President went on another of his anti-media twitter tirades.

KIM Jong-un’s political prisoners are in camps as bad — or worse — than Nazi Germany’s death camps, says a judge who survived the brutal, deadly concentration camps.

FOOTAGE has emerged of one lucky woman who was almost swept out to sea while trying to save her dog in high seas.

TENS of thousands of women have been trafficked across borders and sold as brides. For these women there is no happily ever after.

NATHAN Carman insists he was innocent when a boat carrying he and his mum sank at sea. Fresh court papers suggest otherwise.

IN a stunning victory aided by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones appears to have won Alabama — beating back history, an embattled Republican opponent and President Donald Trump.

US President slammed accusations of sexual harassment claiming the women are lying. However there’s a few problems with his tweet.

THE digital currency causing chaos has gripped North Korea, where the rogue nation led by Kim Jong-un is making big bucks.

A HISTORIC win in an impossible election has turned into a humiliating loss for US President Donald Trump.

A SPOKESMAN for the man Donald Trump wants to be America’s newest senator has made a stunning admission ahead of the vote.

AMERICA has stumbled in its ‘pivot’ to Asia, with China’s modernised military posing a challenge in the air, sea, land, space and cyberspace.

AMERICA has stumbled in its ‘pivot’ to Asia, with China’s modernised military posing a challenge in all aspects of warfare — air, sea, land, space and cyberspace.

CHARLES Jenkins downed 10 beers one night and made a drastic decision that he would regret for the rest of his life.

DONALD Trump tried to squash renewed accusations of sexual misconduct with a blunt comeback. He may have gone too far.

DONALD Trump’s daughter Ivanka has been drawn into an ugly spat on the eve of an election with huge implications for her father.

IT WAS the year of Wonder Woman and the #MeToo campaign, so Merriam-Webster’s word of the year for 2017 shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

THE New York bomber posted an anti-Trump message to Facebook hours before his attack and left a handwritten threat in his home.

THE reason for Charles Manson’s death has emerged as relatives continue to fight over the deranged cult leader’s remains and belongings.

SHE’S barely been engaged five minutes but Meghan Markle will undergo a live fire hostage situation as her royal induction begins. A former aide spills the details.

THE mum of a bullied child, whose video detailing his torment at school went around the world, has responded to the uproar.

A WIFE has allegedly killed her husband and then poured acid on her lover’s face in an attempt to steal his identity.

DONALD Trump has pushed back against sexual misconduct allegations but in doing so has landed himself in more hot water.

NEW York police have reacted with fury to accusations from the family of would-be suicide bomber Akayed Ullah of a heavy-handed investigation into his actions.

STEPHEN Colbert weighed in on the New York bomb attack on his late-night TV show, with a clear-cut message for the bomb suspect.

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has called for stronger action in the fight against climate change, saying he believes Donald Trump will bring the US back into the Paris deal.

AN EMOTIONAL Jimmy Kimmel has returned to his late-night TV show, where he made a tearful plea while holding his young son in his arms.

FORMER Paralympic champion and convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius has been injured in a prison brawl in a South African jail.

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has today directed NASA to send American astronauts to the Moon for the first time since 1972 with a new mission.

NORTH Korea has us all terrified of its nuclear arsenal, but perhaps the rogue nation has shifted its focus to another deadly force.

HUNDREDS of thousands are trapped in hell, facing forced labour and rape in a nightmare that with no end in sight, a damning report reveals.

PARIS Hilton, Kylie Jenner and other stars were forced to flee their homes as a deadly blaze continues to rip through California, with Donald Trump declaring it a ‘state of emergency’.

WELL known in China for his death-defying stunts, a slight slip was all it took for Wu Yongning to fall from a 62-storey skyscraper.

A WOMAN who concealed her identity while married to an Australian has confessed to murdering her pregnant neighbour so she could steal her baby.

DISTURBING claims have been revealed about the family of the young boy who tearfully described being bullied in a viral video.

THREE women who claim Donald Trump sexually harassed them have gone on television and spoken out, aiming to show the world “what a pervert he is”.

TRUMP has fired up over an unflattering article that paints him as an anxious leader who spends up to eight hours a day watching TV.

THREE women who have previously accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment have called on congress to investigate the allegations.

A SUSPECTED would-be suicide bomber is in custody after his device detonated on the New York subway during rush hour.

THE New York taxi driver accused of detonating an explosive device on a bustling subway was reportedly motivated by a Christmas poster and used a familiar festive item in his attack.

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has ordered the partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria during a surprise visit to the war-torn country.

A NORTH Korean ship banned from entering every port across the globe has disappeared from radar. What is the secretive regime up to?

A YEAR after a truck mowed down a crowd at a Berlin Christmas market and killed 12, relatives of the dead received this in the mail.

POLICE officer Michael Garza received a casual text from a woman he had been seeing. A few hours later the pair’s night turned deadly.

THE US, South Korea and Japan are conducting more military drills, as North Korea was also hit with more sanctions to cut its weapon funds.

A MAN was lauded as a hero when he risked death to save a rabbit from an out-of-control fire. But there is confusion over the image.

SHOCKING footage shows groups of men threatening asylum seekers with metals pipes. But the Immigration Minister says the men are “lying”.

THE USA’s ability to defend its allies has been called into question, with warnings its military is “failing to keep pace”.

KIM Jong-un has been photographed visiting some strange sites around North Korea. Here are some of the most bizarre pictures taken of him during his visits.

A STRIKING new portrait of Prince Philip by the renowned Australian artist Ralph Heimans puts the Duke of Edinburgh’s family history into perspective.

ONE of the richest countries in the Middle East has sunk billions into a military spending spree amid a dangerous diplomatic spat with its neighbours.

BLACK ice has turned the roads into death traps and schools have been closed as snow blankets Britain and freezing conditions throw the country into chaos.

DONALD Trump drinks a ridiculous amount of Diet Coke and tweets from his bed in the White House, a fascinating profile reveals.

DRAMATIC footage shows a man calmly take his jacket off before boarding a bus. He then stabs a security guard before running away.

AN antinuclear weapons campaign group took home the Nobel Peace Prize overnight, warning the world’s destruction is one “impulsive” outburst away.

A US prosecutor has said an announcement will be made within weeks as to whether the policeman who allegedly shot Australian woman Justine Damond will be charged.

VIOLENT protests have raged outside the US embassy in Lebanon, as backlash against Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision fuels tensions.

THE Trump administration has levied new sanctions at Russia, in the hope it will force the country to comply with a Cold War-era nuclear arms treaty it violated.

AN American man who killed seven people, keeping one woman in a shipping container, says there could be more victims.

FORMER celebrity publicist Max Clifford, who was jailed for sexually abusing teenage girls, has died in hospital in the UK after suffering a reported heart attack in prison.

MEGHAN Markle, take heed. The last American divorcee to marry a British royal was branded a Nazi sympathiser - and their romance almost destroyed the family.

A DISTRAUGHT wife confided in her husband that she suspected she’d been attacked on a night out. Little did she know, he was the attacker.

THINK you know your city well? Andrew Griffiths is challenging that with jaw-dropping photos offering never-before-seen vantage points.

A JOURNALIST from the Washington Post shared a photo at a Donald Trump rally deemed “fake news”. The US President didn’t hold back.

HE seemed the ideal man. Smart. Fit. Gentle. But the online date soon turned to terror. And the woman who escaped likely wasn’t his first victim.

A CHINESE diplomat has threatened the United States, saying the day one of its warships visits Taiwan is the day Beijing will launch an invasion.

A PSYCHOLOGICAL evaluation of the man accused of killing two train commuters suggests he was woken from “autopilot” by onlookers’ screams.

A RUSSIAN fighter has confronted a ‘rogue’ US F-22 Raptor stealth jet, claiming it was interfering with an ‘anti-terrorist’ operation over Syria.

A MUMMY has been discovered and identified in a tomb previously left untouched by archaeologists in Luxor, Egypt

AFTER three and a half years of conflict, US-backed Iraqi forces have driven the extremists from Iraq and secured the Syrian border.

BELLA Hadid, who is of Palestinian descent, spontaneously joined a rally in London protesting against Donald Trump’s decision to name Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

YOUTUBE prankster Jay Swingler has responded to criticism of how he tried to cement his head in a microwave.

NORTH Korea has gone one step further in a set of rare, diplomatic talks to lay blame on America over the rogue nation’s nuclear weapons program.

A POLICE officer in the US has managed to capture incredible footage of a large meteor streaking across the night sky.

A MUSIC executive at Disney has been suspended from work without pay after he was charged with alleged sexual misconduct with a child.

SUPERMODEL Bella Hadid has joined a protest against Donald Trump’s controversial move to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

DONALD Trump has boasted about his efforts to secure “one brutal defeat after another” over “savage killers” at home and abroad.

BRENDAN Dassey, sentenced to life in prison, has had a decision overturned described as a “profound miscarriage of justice”.

THE fiancee of George Papadopoulos, the first Trump campaign adviser to plead guilty in the special counsel’s Russia probe, has rejected suggestions he was a “coffee boy” with no power.

AT LEAST 14 United Nations peacekeepers in eastern Congo have been killed and 40 more injured after one of the worst attack on the country in years.

DONALD Trump has boasted that he fulfilled a campaign promise by recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital — making fun of his predecessors in a video montage.

ISRAELI warplanes have pounded the Gaza Strip after militants fired rockets into Israel and protesters died in a ‘day of rage’.


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