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This is not a guide for the version posted on this site as it currently isn't full. It is for the full game located at LoK forums. I would post this there, but I can't for some strange reason. Note that it is very VERY long, and I tried to explain all mechanics etc. of the game. GoRepeat (the author and dev of the game) has some basic mechanic explanations on the site, but they are a little convoluted so here goes.

@below (I know I have a profile this time, but it's still the same anon that posted this guide), no problem! But I like to see that the end of this game is a sign of a sequel, but I'm not sure if GoRepeat would make one. Fingers crossed! :D

Thanks for the guide, must have been a lot of work! I've wondered if there isn't a secret "better" ending than the best one, since it hints that it's still a bad ending.

One last thing, and I REALLY should have verified all of this before commenting again, but if you defeat a pillar like below, and get sent to endless mode, you will not be able to do that pillar again unless you select new dream. For example, if you beat the first pillar, then after winning or losing on the second, then losing on the third, you will go straight to endless mode instead of the first pillar again. This also counts for the second pillar, so if you beat the first AND second, then lose to the third, you will most have to lose in endless mode twice in a row to reach the third pillar again. In this case, only defeating all pillars will allow you to access the final boss, but it will be a little harder to get all of the forgotten memories this way.

Also, correction on what I posted below. It reads "There is always one end.", not "an end".

I just realised I forgot to add something in the guide. Not really a helpful thing, more of a feature. There's a slightly different dialogue scene if you do 2 things. First, you have to be in a state where you have not encountered all of the pillar song levels, and second, you have to complete the song level of one single pillar (so if you start a new dream, AKA new game, and beat the first pillar without losing). If this happens, you will be taken to endless dream automatically, featuring all of the non-boss enemies (this includes enemies that become common after beating a level, Dreadsteed, Doomguard etc.). From that point you will either have to lose or somehow defeat a map that is 100x100. Returning to the menu with will not help this as doing so and then clicking on old dream takes you back to endless mode until you let yourself be defeated (skin turned red/fully corrupted). The dialogue is as follows:

I should probably also mention this, I missed 1 or 2 things out by mistake. First, if it wasn't obvious, 1 Slam is equivalent to 3 Jab attacks in power, and 2, Endless dream (while ridiculous) is rumoured to be beatable. However this would take HOURS of non-stop gameplay as the map for it is 100x100. I tried to simply make it to one corner and made it about halfway. Fuck that :D

Thanks for your effort anon. I will feature this post.

@Anon, why can't you just be grateful I put the work in? Would you rather I left it, and have you figure it out yourself? Also @admin, I posted this before you updated it. My apologies md5 9ebd6e2031ab6ad8133f4030309c9459 House of R'Thoth (Finished)

We have the exact same version as in LoK forums.

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