Quartet dating

Quartet dating


On the 17th of March, there is a classical strings concert unlike any other in the world. Ninety-six young musicians, divided into twenty-four quartets perform before an audience of the world’s greatest conductors and instrumentalists. Only one group – a single quartet – is chosen form these performers. Success brings prestige beyond imagination and guaranteed entry into any orchestra on the planet. It is a once in a lifetime chance for those striving to perfect the art of music. The ultimate dream… and possibly the ultimate nightmare.

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I don’t understand how to download the game on this website. Which button do you press? Sorry for the stupid question.

Mellody, click on ”DA-free: Game Download” because “DA-1click: Game Download” is a full game: only membership can download.

w8 wtf. i didn’t think this was translated yet nvm so glad i found it

it is insulted by those who seek for “uncensored” and H-scenes

for H-scene: there no need for translated version since you wouldnt care about the story and the hard work for people that translated it

for uncensored: there is no such thing originated by Japanese (go-figured, they have a very “educated” reason for it)

hey admin, will you get period? its from the same company as quartet,and the english translation is 60% done

or a vn without H-scenes ?

Is there some way to make it uncensored?

I prefer this VN without voices, the text flows better while the voices aren’t that attractive anyways.

The game’s music is really nice and the game superb:( although there’s no voice :((( awww it’s so cool! admin can u patch kimikiss too? рџ™‚

Is this game have a figting game or just choices?

I don’t know how u can expect fighting in this kind of story. I haven’t played it, but I really doubt it.

well…i like those musics, those drawing is a bit…..

When Juni has bought medicine, an error appears. It doesn’t show any japanesse words or english. Letters and numbers. The only thing it allows me to do is press the button below, and close the game.

;_; No Signina and Giselle routes. I’m sad.

Can you please send me a message on how to ” Mount game DVD image”?

I mount the image and install the game yet even after the english patch the game doesn’t start. Can someone please help?

-Story:amazing. The three different girls depict different real problems people often face.

-Graphics: isn’t great compared some of the recent VN’s, but does complement the storyline amazingly.

-UI: good. Just good. Not amazing, but again, it complements the VN as a whole.

-Voice: Didn’t play with the voice patch, but I heard there is voice patches.

-H: really felt out of place for me. Felt like it could have been just taken out and would have made the story just fine.

Just because the H felt way too out of place and for the average UI.

I’m only 10min in and this is by far the most well put together Visual Novel I have played. The UI is superb, the art is beautiful and unique.

There is a voice patch out there! You can google it!

I really lied how the plot unfolded and the art which seemed a little bad at first blended perfectly with the story…

hmm, is it really a one part 400mb? seems too small for a VN for me? or is it because it doesnt have a voice patch?

Please I need second part admin ):

It appears that quite a lot of people in fact did download it and that only recently has it been taken down. Could one of the many who has it be so kind as to upload it / make a torrent, please?

For some reason the downloads that use hotfile arent working I tried download Quartett!

This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader

It seems that the files have been removed. Admin could you please fix this.

umm.. the links aare broken. can somebody fix it? thankss.

PS: I’ve edited the link because when I just click in “Part2of2” Its asking me “Username” and “Password” x.x

This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader.

When I try to extract part 1 with winzip, a window pops up that asks me to insert disk 2. What do I do then, or is that window not supposed to be popping up in the first place?

koihime musou out ^-^ i wish they make an english patch for baldr sky drive

Yea, it’s out, pirated and cracked. Right now i’m uploading it on site – you can download it in few minutes.

Baldr sky dive was one of possible candidates for translation by amaterasu team, but they choose Muv-luv instead.

Great story and amazing music. Not the best eroge scenes, but still worth downloading just to read.

For those confused on how to download, the two parts extract into an iso, just upload it to daemons tools or whatever you use, run setup, and patch it. No crack needed.

Also I forgot to add, the art style is unparalleled. Easily one of the more interesting styles I’ve ever seen, especially with how the dialogue is played out.

Hold your horses, I doubt it will be that simple. Needs crack, right?


Hey admin, trying to run the English patch but it keeps saying it can’t find the Quartett files. Please help?

Its probably your computers fault not the download. You might have something taking up a lot of bytes so check your task manager. Its most likely not the download.

When i’m installing it, it gets stuck at 27% at one point and then my computer either freezes or becomes REALLY slow. Does anyone know what to do

If it is the game you are talking about, just directly copy paste the files from the virtual disc…

You might have a slightly corrupted file or something, not sure. Try redownloading the games that has the error.

how about eng patch for princess lover

haha i’m crazy about it.

can sum1 help me i get an error for some of my games it says syntax error unexpected T_SYMBOL expecting??

It will help if you specify where does it occur…


sum1 plz help me ..whats an syntax error?? it says syntax error ,unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting??

Will deus machina demonbane be uploaded on here when it finally comes out?

As much as i love akabeisoft2’s production, nitro+ is also one of my fav companies…and demonbane is one of their more famous works

Yes. My goal is to have every visual novel ever released in english available.

I’ve just got to say.. You are awesome for doing this. Keep on keepin’ on.

Nope. Admin thinks: “I wonder if my web page still exists. I haven’t checked on it for a good while now…”

Actually I’m reading every comment – i get e-mail every time someone posts one.

okay i solved it after few tries. haha im lucky

i know what are you thinking admin. u want to say.

theres no quartet file . thats the messaghe whenever I click english patch

anyone know where to get the OST for this game? been looking around a bit to no avail.

Just extract it yourself. Find the sound folder, download a .ogg to .mp3 converter, go to music room in game, convert them all and rename according to music room names and track numbers.

the english patch site seems to be down, anyone know where i can download a copy of the patch?

thank, admin.Is there any more little witch games that got translated ?

Tried to download this since monday without luck. Almost finished downloading this yesterday but it stopped at 381 MB. since then I tried downloading this many times that I even woke up at 4 o clock and slept an hour past midnight always retrying. Poor people like me with slow internet. could’ve been better if you used megaupload. anyway, I give up on this site.

megaupload is no better then hotfile…megaupload files get taken down a lot so its not depenable. dont blame the site, blame ur internet if anything, i recomend using jdownloader though.even if u dl gets disconected u can resume it after the hotfile wait at least >.> but its still better then starting all over

Damn, the link for the english patch is not working…

Hey admin do you know if they are going to mage a voice patch Вї? ^^

Nice game but to short if this company make it longer it will be a best for a gamer

My first ever English game of Littlewitch. Thank you so much admin.

-_- they just push bk shin koihime musou -_- damn

just hope it comes out on february 28th? xD

In the first words, I’d like to tell you, that you did a great job with this web page. Since yesterday I managed to download all of the games you’ve uploaded. That was quite a lot… It’s 113GB. Anyway, the games that are deleted from the hotfile are:

I hope you’ll manage to get them up again.

I was also wondering, if I could help you a bit by uploading a few titles that you don’t have in here. I might search through my old discs and most likely I’ll find a few good old eroge/dating-sims.

Amazing game, nice graphics, and the comic-style reading makes it very lively.

thx admin this is a gd game …kep up the gd work

i am a chinese.i feel so glad to play tihs game

thanks very much,i am absolutly being attracted by this perfect game

Thanks for the upload admin. This was really an awesome game.

At first I was like “eh it looks alright” but after playing all of it and beating it on my own I can say it was really good I enjoyed this a lot. It’s a great game.

Here’s a walkthru for anyone who needs it. Most of the choices are pretty obvious, but just in case, ya know?

02. A short and lively girl

04. Just what did Charl mean by that.

06. Sorry… I’ll try harder, starting from tomorrow

08. Huh? Is that Juni?

10. Could it be an issue of compatibility?

12. Talk to Charlotte

13. As the ones close to her, we should envelop her in the warmth of our friendship…

16. It’s been tough. The classes are so hard…

17. It’s like she’s in some sort of hurry…

19. Ask Charlotte

22. But in that case, how did things end up so bad?

24. You mean she’s childish even now?

26. Come inside her/Come outside her

01. Try to explain

03. Go eat in the lesson room

05. May. Well, I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover…

07. What do you think, Juni?

10. If that’s what you decided, then…

12. I’ll go to the lesson room

14. As the ones close to her, we should envelop her in the warmth of our friendship…

17. It’s been great. The girls are so cute…

18. It’s like she’s in some sort of hurry…

21. Never mind him, let’s go and hit the showers

23. There must have been some reason behind what happened…

24. I see… Well, make sure you return it to its owner…

26. It’ll be fine. Just trust in your teacher

01. Try and dodge the question

03. Go eat in the courtyard

04. Just who was that guy just then, anyway.

06. And what about you?

08. We should wrap up early today…

10. You don’t regret it?

12. I’ll take a break in the courtyard

14. Though we may be her friends, a person’s heasrt is not a place that others can enter lightly…

16. About the man who came to pick you up

17. It’s been great. The girls are so cute…

19. See you tomorrow, Charl

23. There must have been some reason behind what happened…

25. What about Shuhua?

26. It’ll be fine. Just trust in your teacher

This game looks amazing! Thank you very much рџ™‚

NM, seems like the PC version has no voice acting. The PS2 version does, but there is no voice patch currently.

Is there supposed to be voice in this game? I am not hearing any voices.

Hm….. Look’s Good im going to try this now…

Arduino Powered Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

Introduction: Arduino Powered Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

Last year I wanted to put together a Halloween display emulating my favorite Disneyland/world ride of all time. Originally this was just going to be four heads on a table with the Haunted Mansion's "Grim Grinning Ghosts" playing on a loop. But that all changed after I picked up my first Arduino UNO.

  1. 4 styrofoam heads (found on eBay)
  2. Dell Mini 9 netbook for video playback
  3. A 800x600 VGA projector
  4. Old Karaoke machine for audio playback
  5. Arduino UNO
  6. Radioshack project box to keep the Arduino dry and happy
  7. And the previously mentioned photocell and 12v wall wart
As you can see in the photos I setup the photocell to span the width of my parent's front steps (this would not have worked so well in my apartment. ). The photocell wired into a pin on my arduino to register when it was tripped. The Arduino is hooked up to my Netbook over USB and lastly the netbook hooks to the projector and karaoke machine using their respected ports. Then I setup the styrofoam heads and aligned them with the video (more on that in step 3). Whew, ok who's ready for some software?

  1. My programmed Arduino UNO
  2. AutoHotKey (Windows macro program)
  3. AAC Keys (Turns serial input into keystrokes)
  4. VLC (video playback)
I also set my Windows background to black and hid the task bar so nothing displayed when the video was not playing.

Sleep, 61000 ; Pause for video to play, prevents triggering multiple times.

Process, close, vlc.exe ; Kill vlc and make sure it stays dead.

As you can see it's pretty simple. When the "a" key is pressed VLC is launched with arguments to hide everything but the video itself. The script waits for the length of the video (61 seconds) then it closes VLC to reset and run again.

turns serial data into keystrokes. Best used in conjunction with

const int buttonPin = 2;

int buttonState = 0;

Serial.print("a"); // send key to PC to start video playback

delay(61000); // ignore input until video ends

Projected the video onto panel and then traced it and cut it out looks great!

DO you have detailed, I mean step by step, instructions on how to do this? I mean down to exactly what to type, where to type it, what and where to download the stuff you need. This is all way to technical, I am in healthcare not tech :( I would love to do this but simply put, it is beyond me unless I have step by step instructions. If you have them would you please consider emailing them to me at shotokahn@yahoo.com

For those that wanted to know, I got mine from www.nightfrights.com, though I see they're also available on haunted props.com. It's the whole neighborhood's favorite effect. Wish I could have pulled it off doing it myself using these instructs, but it was just too hard for my meager skills. Pats on the back for trying, right? I need a prop-building Halloween fan for a boyfriend! LOL!

Love it! Nice job.

I gave it my best shot, but couldn't come close to what you accomplished. I ended up getting the pre made Ghost Bust from Night Frights since I'm not as technically skilled as you. It was a little pricey, but SO COOL, it was worth it! It's the hit of the neighborhood at Halloween! Thanks for the inspiration! What's next?

Someone is going to be scared this Halloween! Gonna try this!

How do you download the video from youtube?

Videodownload helper or ant video for firefox.

Use the Firefox browser and search the add ons. Lots of downloaders.

Keepvid.com does a pretty good job. You can find other similar services pretty easily on Google.

This is a good one! Glad you got a prize!

i had the comment and too many wows

This is cool and I copied it with a few modifications. I bought styrofoam heads but used only one, which I had to sand off much of the facial features. I then projected my own face on it.


You could also use a webcam on the laptop and one of the dozens of pieces of motion-detecting software. Or wire the output of the motion detector into the DTR pin of a serial port on the computer. Both options would be cheaper than using an Arduino as a glorified button-pusher. ;)

I investigated this solution and you can use a webcam and freeware motion sensing software called YAWCAM ( Yet Another Web Cam) to trigger an executable. Check it out at http://www.yawcam.com/index.php and look at the help page http://www.yawcam.com/help/help_motion_actions_exe.php for instructions on how to trigger the video for your singing ghosts.

You are exactly right. Arduinos are really overused, when there are much simpler ways to accomplish the same task.

I generally use a small relay to separate the electrical systems from each other. Especially where the voltages involved quite often differ between devices.

Could you use a garage door sensor (http://www.amazon.com/Genie-Safety-Beam-Photo-Sensors/dp/B0006UGQVG) to accomplish this instead of the photocell?

Let me tell you how to make this even better, incorporating another Disneyland effect. Mold hollow heads from white thin plastic, or use clear plastic and paint thin white coat. Mount heads so you are viewing them from the hollow side. Place black board in front of heats, with cutouts fit well around heads. Project the video from the back side. In addition to the talking heads effect, you will also see the heads apparently turning to face you no matter what angle you view. This effect is used in the Haunted Mansion in the hallway, just before you get into the cars. There are 2 busts on each side of the hall, which are really concave.

Sounds pretty good. Do you have any pictures ?

Sorry if this double posts, but I'm very interested in this project, I've almost got everything needed except the photo-cell switch do you know of any alternatives that don't run in the $120 range, that can still hook to an arduino?

I imagine something like one of these would probably work fine

Wow, excellent thanks for the quick response! these are even cheaper than what i was looking at ! thank you very much, hopefully i can whip one of these up before halloween!

great but scary !…

Why not add whig hair and dangle them from the ceiling, add in some body parts coming out the bottom and make them 4 body-less singers. Just a thought.

Awesome! But I think the project might be a little over my head since your second paragraph actually made my head hurt.

don't get discouraged, you can do this - I think you could simplify this alot - all you really need are the foam heads, a projector, a laptop/PC and some speakers.

Love it! Now if only I had a projector. An idea: put a little stage curtain in front that opens and closes in sync with when they start and stop singing so people don't have a chance to stare at the blank styrofoam heads. Your title has "Signing"

That would be pretty incredible. I've got a motor shield for my Arduino.

Awesome project. I often dreamed about reproducing that effect, but my mom would never allow me near the Super-8 projector. Am I dating myself?

Nope you're right I pretty much forgot to include projector details. I just set up the projector on a table in front of the table. And blocked off that part of the porch with some chairs and rope.

yea iv gotta say that this is amazing well done iv gotta try this sometime

This is amazingly well done. Great work!

Very cool - I actually know the guy who is the main voice in that little ditty. I grew up in central Florida and was a cast member at the Magic Kingdom during my high-school years. A guy I grew up with, his grandpa is a chap named Thurl Ravenscroft who voiced alot of Disney things as well as The Grinch that Stole Christmas and the voice of Tony the Tiger.

Probably one of the coolest halloween projects I've ever seen! I'm inspired!

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