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21 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tat is terrifying and exciting, and you (and your parents!) probably have a million questions. How bad will it hurt? How do you know a parlor is safe? How much will it cost? Here are all the things you need to know before you get inked for the first time.

1. Prices vary. Tattoo parlors adjust prices based on the size and style of the tattoo you want, and if they know you're a tat virgin, they might try to up the price on you. It's a good idea to call and ask for an estimate before you go in, although that may change slightly once the design is drawn. If you can, bring someone who knows tattoo pricing to help you negotiate and make sure you don't get ripped off.

2. But DON'T go bargain hunting. Many parlors have minimum prices (usually $50 or $100), so tiny heart tattoo, for example, shouldn't cost much more than that. So if someone's willing to do your tattoo for $15? PASS. Sketchy artists could mean infections and shoddy work, and since your tattoo will be on your body for life and your health could be at risk, it's an investment worth the money. While some parlors do tattoo sales for holidays, like Halloween, where you can pick a pre-drawn design for a discounted price, in general, this isn't a time to bargain shop. Instead, save up for a professional, reputable tattoo artist. "If you can't afford to be

tattooed by the artist that you want, you need to wait until you can instead of

waiting, but you can absolutely regret not waiting."

3. You have to be 18 to get one. But some states will allow you to get one earlier with a parent's permission.

4. Research the parlor beforehand. Just because the tattoo parlor is within walking distance from your dorm, doesn't mean it's a quality shop. Visit the shop and ask about their artists' licenses, and also check out reviews online. Tattooing laws differ by state, so you should research the guidelines in your state and make sure anywhere you're considering has the proper licensing and adheres to those guidelines. "It's very important for a client to feel comfortable with how clean the studio is," McCurdy says. "Ask an artist: What do you do to clean in between tattoos? How often do you clean this station I'm going to be tattooed on? What kind of surface do you tattoo off of?'"

5. The parlor should be spotless. Getting a tattoo isn't a minor change like coloring your hair. They're literally creating an open wound that can get infected if the shop isn't taking proper precautions. The shop should look and smell as clean as a hospital.

6. Make sure the artist opens the needle package in front of you, uses a new, disposable ink cup, and wears clean gloves throughout the process. Reusing needles can spread infection, or cause you to contract a serious illness, like HIV or Hepatitis B, so your artist should use a new, single-use needle.

7. Make sure the surface you get tattooed on is a non-porous material. Porous materials, like wood, can be difficult to fully sanitize, so it's not a good option for a tattoo station. "A porous surface, like rock and marble, would not be something that your tattoo station should be made of," says McCurdy. "It should be stainless steel, or a sterilizable material like stainless."

8. Follow the artist you're considering using on Instagram. After you have the parlor picked out, check out their artists' work and decide which one you want to work with. Follow them on Instagram to get a better feel of their work and definitely read the comments.

9. The way the design looks in the sketch is pretty much how it will look on your skin. The artist will redraw your tattoo before they apply it, so make sure you're especially observant when you okay the design. Be extra aware of spelling (it's not common that you'll get a misspelled tat, but it does happen), and don't be afraid to speak up about any changes you want. Remember: This is forever.

10. If the artist makes you feel uncomfortable, LEAVE. If they get sassy when you ask them to adjust the design, leave. If they shame your tattoo idea, leave. If they just generally make you feel weird or uncomfy, leave. Getting your first tattoo is scary and they shouldn't be adding to your nerves or making you feel bad."I think that in our industry it's a common thing where a young girl is going to come in to speak to an artist and is going to be met with a nose-in-the-air kind of attitude, like 'I don't want to do this girl's silly tattoo,'" McCurdy says. "I don't think that it's a fair thing or that a client should put up with that. You should find someone who wants to do your tattoo."

11. Bigger tattoos can take multiple sessions to complete. Larger designs, or ones with a lot of color can take multiple sessions to finish, so your tattoo might not be finished after your first visit. A bigger tat with a lot of detail or color might take two sessions, while an entire sleeve may take months to complete. On the other hand, a simple tattoo, like a small black star, should only take about 5 minutes. Ask your artist to give you an estimate of how long it will take.

12. Think about your tattoo for at least a year before you commit to it."When [you're] designing, try to think of the word 'timeless' because your tattoo will be timeless, even if your design is not," McCurdy says. "So you have to think about the amount of time that tattoo is going to spend on your body and the image that you're going to put there, and the way you design it really has to be designed with the word 'timeless' in mind." What you think will look cool rn, may change so you want to think hard about the design and make sure you are still as into it months later. Remember: your tastes may change over time but this will last forever.

And while it might seem like a fun thing to do with your friends on spring break or before graduation, getting a spur-of-the-moment tat is probably not a great idea. "Think twice before jumping into a tattoo," adds Dr. Cameron Rokhsar, a cosmetic dermatologist who often deals with tattoo removal. "Don't do it on a whim, don't do it when you're drinking – those are all the stories I get from my patients. Tattoos of boyfriends and girlfriends [are] a no-no – people always regret it."

13. Don't get inked before your beach vacay. The quote you want on your rib cage will look great with that sassy cut-out swim suit, but tattoos take at least two weeks to heal, so you won't be able to swim (pool chemicals and ocean bacteria are bad for a healing tattoo) or hang out in direct sunlight (even healed tattoos are sensitive to UV rays) if you get it on spring break. Your best bet: Just wait until you get home and make sure to wait at least a few weeks before you plan to spend time in the sun, or at the beach or pool.

14. You'll have to get your tattoo touched up. Tattoos fade over time no matter how well you treat them, because your skin is always shedding new layers. So eventually you'll have to go back under the needle to keep it in tip-top shape. You can go to any artist to get it touched up, but if you liked your original artist and their work, it's always best to go back to them. A lot of parlors will give you a touch-up for free, but others charge. Like normal tattoos, touch-up pricing varies based on the amount of work you need done, so if you're curious, ask your artist for an estimate.

15. Tattoos fade faster in spots that are often in direct sunlight. "There are certain parts of your skin that are exposed to more sun, so pigments can break down quicker," McCurdy says. "Like the outside of your arm, it will age differently than the inside of your arm that isn't exposed to as much sun throughout your life." If you're outside a lot and worried about fading, considering getting inked in a spot that's less exposed like the inside of your wrist.

16. The pain depends on the tattoo's placement. Disclaimer: Getting a tattoo will never not hurt, but that being said, pain tolerance differs for each person. Generally, though, tattoos placed right over bones tend to hurt the most. So a tattoo on your foot or ribs might be an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, while a bicep tat might only be a 4. And of course, the bigger the tattoo, the longer you'll be in pain.

17. If you don't end up liking your tattoo in 10 years, you can get it covered up. It's pretty easy to get a tattoo covered up, especially if it's small. A good artist can put a new design over it, covering the original tattoo completely – some parlors even specialize in cover-ups. So even if you do change your mind one day, you won't be stuck with tattoo that you hate.

18. Or you can get it removed. You can get your tattoo removed with a laser treatment. Depending on the ink color, stubbornness of the ink, and size of the tattoo, it can take several sessions, or just one. Blue, black, and green inks are easier to remove with laser treatment.Dr. Rokhsar says that the lasers can detect those colors more easily, so they remove them more accurately. Lighter colors, like yellow and white, are more difficult to remove. While the process eliminates the tattoo, it can leave scarring and the procedure can be pricey.

Salons offer the service, but since they are not medical professionals, you should never use them for tattoo removal. Go to a real, licensed doctor to get the procedure done. If you're worried that it will hurt or heard horror stories of people who got tattoo removed, the procedure is safe and can be very painful when not done by a doctor. "Removing [a tattoo], actually, is not painful at all. If you go to a doctor, the doctor will numb it. with a local

anesthetic," Dr. Rokhsar says. "When you read about people who say tattoo removal is painful, it's

because they're not going to doctors. They're going to various spas, not

medical doctors. Spas cannot administer anesthetic injections. A doctor can can administer local

17. You might not be able to get the exact tattoo you want. If you want to get a lyric in a really tiny font, your artist might refuse. If a font is too small, it can bleed together over time, so the designer might ask you to compromise with a little bigger font. Remember: Your artist is an artist and a professional, so if they have some serious feelings about your design, hear them out.

18. You may have to be shaved first. If they're tattooing your arm, or another particularly hairy part of your body, they might have to shave the spot beforehand – like a doctor would before a surgery. You can ask in advance if you should shave the area before coming in, but most tattoos don't require it.

19. It will itch afterward. During the healing process, new tattoos will itch, kind of like a scab. But make sure you don't scratch it, because you can peel off the ink, leaving spots of un-tattooed skin on your tattoo. (If you do accidentally scratch some ink off, your artist can fix it.) Dr.

Rokhsar says scratching can also lead to infection, so instead, slap your tattoo gently for relief. He also recommends trying using a Cortizone cream to take away the itch safely.

20. Avoid long showers after you get inked. It's important to keep your new ink clean by gently washing the area with anti-bacterial soap and water, then patting it dry three times a day. And a little water won't hurt it, but try to avoid spending too much time in the shower or bath after getting inked. Soaking your tattoo isn't good for it, because the water will slow down the healing process by deteriorating your newly-forming skin. If you get a design on a part of your body that gets a lot of water in the shower, like your back, try to keep your showers short and limit the area's contact with water until it heals.

21. You CAN be allergic to the tattoo ink. While it's not common, ink allergies do happen. "I've seen patients who are allergic to some components of some inks where they become super inflamed," Dr. Rokhsar says. If you're worried, he recommends doing a spot test first. "They can do a test where they put the ink [under your skin] and just wait a few weeks," Dr. Rokhsar adds. If you do react badly, the tattoo might become inflamed, but Dr. Rokhsar says it can be treated with steroids from your doctor.

Benaughty Scam Exposed – You’d Be Nutty to Join! is marketed as a casual dating site, a place where nobody takes dating too seriously, and everybody’s up for having a very naughty time. Sounds great hey! Unfortunately the reality is very different.

Chances are you’re much more likely to get your wallet ripped off than your underwear. This is one dating site that you’ll want to avoid like Russell Brand on your wedding night.

I’m going to take a closer look at the dirty tricks behind this deplorable site, and the dubious bloodsucking tactics they’re using to scam thousands of people out of their hard earned money.

You don’t need to look very far before you come across their first deceitful trick – fake member profiles on their homepage!

Benaughty rotates their homepage between a number of different designs. At the time of writing this, the following homepage was being used over at

So Sarah is 26, and lives in Evesham (UK), and she likes being spanked. And it looks like Sarah is not the only gorgeous model living in Evesham, 8 more beauties also grace the homepage. But what happens if we access the same website from another location?

Using a web-proxy based in the USA I visited again:

As you can see, it looks like Sarah and her friends also live in St Louis (USA). So what’s happening?

The site is using geo-targeting to obtain your location, then simply displaying your local city/town name on the page. They want you to believe that there are large numbers of beautiful women already on the site, and also living just down the road from you.

But the reality is – Sarah does not exist, nor does she have a profile on Benaughty, and nor do any of her friends. But you won’t find a statement of disclosure anywhere on their homepage that states that these photos and descriptions do not belong to real site members.

After only joining the site 3 hours earlier, this is what ‘My Activity’ looked like:

And after 24 hours ‘My Activity’ looked like this:

And after 7 days:

I’d now received 21 messages, 30 winks, and had 46 admirers. Truly amazing! Especially considering I’d not yet filled out a single word in my profile, nor had I uploaded a photo, and I had even given myself the onscreen name: “ihaverabies”. Yet despite this, my profile also received 5 votes of above 4 stars.

For anybody who has ever used a reputable dating website, you will know that the chances of receiving a message with a blank profile and within 3 hours of joining, are pretty much next to none. So what’s going on here?

It’s always difficult to prove, but the vast majority of messages, winks and chat request are most likely being generated by scammers who’d sell their own grandma if they got half a chance. But the bigger question is… why is Benaughty allowing this to happen?

A 3 day trial for only ?3.48 may sound very tempting, especially when your inbox has been flooded with messages and chat requests from lots of pretty girls. But you’ll definitely want to read the small print first!

And here is the small print from their billing policy:

“If you choose the 3-day trial Platinum Membership plan, your credit card will be automatically billed at the rate of ?39.99 at the end of your trial and every month thereafter until you cancel.”

So you need to cancel within 3 days otherwise you’ll find that ?39.99 has been taken from your credit card. However… If you then look into their terms and conditions (not visible on the payment page) you will find the following statement:

“If you do not want to continue to use the site you can cancel the automatic billing any time before the payment collection date, allowing at least 3 days for any administrative processing to occur.”

So even if you do attempt to cancel within the 3 day window, your chances are very slim that this will be approved in time. They also attempt to make the cancellation process as awkward as possible by making you call an operator in America. Here’s what it says on their billing help pages:

“The cancellation procedure: enter your password, confirm that you want to cancel your subscription, choose the reason for cancellation and call our operator on +1-800-960-4207.”

So it’s as easy as pie to take out a subscription, but if you want to cancel, they’ll make you jump through flaming hoops.

Another dirty trick they have up their sleeves is attempting to gain access to your email contacts. When you log into the site, you’ll see a box on the homepage that says: “See which of your friends goes online dating! Click here and we’ll check every dating website now!”.

Of course, they have absolutely no idea which of your friends are using online dating sites, it’s just a scam to persuade you into giving them access to your mailbox and contacts. If you do click on one of the mail icons, you’re then asked by your mail provider, (Gmail, Yahoo etc.), if you will allow access for Benaughty. If you click yes, the following window pops up:

The box has the huge capitalized title: “Find Your Friends on Benaughty”, and all of your mail contacts are now highlighted by default. Of course, your friends are not on Benaughty! but Benaughty would like you to believe they are. And if you do click on the unmissable big green button, they will all be sent an invitation to join. The very small, grey, and barely readable text does inform you what’s going to happen, but its most definitely been designed to mislead you.

Benaughty is owned by a company called Cupid plc, and this company also owns a large number of practically identical dating websites. When navigating the website, every now and again you will see a message similar to the one below:

If you check the box and hit update, your profile on Benaughty will now appear on as well. You will then find that you’re bombarded with exactly the same spammy tricks that Benaughty dishes out.

I’ve also seen a link that simply says “More steamy daters here!”, clicking on it and a new site called popped up, with the option to join with just one click. Again, this is another site run by Cupid plc.

As a result of this sinful trickery, large numbers of people have been strung along and ripped off. And you don’t need to look far on Google/Bing to find a significant number of negative reviews for Here are just a handful of examples:

“This site is full of scammers and cam girls. when reported they turn out to be working for the site trying to get you to sign up to their affiliates. Very poor service.”

“scamcam scam scam men women dont waste your time/money site full of fake profiles like others have reported to no avail.sure these scammers are employees of the site themselves.if you want to try for yourself watch out for perfect pics bad english and ‘verification’ 0/5”

“Don’t bother going on benaughty, some thing is fishy about the site too, when I sign up for benaughty till i did not paid I got lots of msgs n mails the moment i paid msgs n mails reduced about 90%, and rest 10% were all scam artists, prostitutes and cam girls, not even worth looking at the site. FAKE”

“At first when you sign up for the “free” site you start getting phony emails with pictures that are obviously stock photos. I paid for one month to try it out. None of the “contacts” I got ever wrote back, and all messages I got were written with the same language and included stock photos, indicating they were all fake. When I stopped recurring billing, they kept billing me anyway, so I had to put a block through my credit card company. This site is a complete scam and should be shut…”

Cupid plc is the owner of, although the site is operated by a subsidiary called Frindr Ltd. Cupid plc also owns the following dating sites:

And just like on Benaughty, you will find exactly the same fraudulent money-sucking scams being used on these sites too. And I’m very sorry to say, the above list is not complete. There are many more dating sites owned by Cupid plc and their white-label partners. So if you’re looking to join a dating site, and see the words “Cupid plc” anywhere on the page, stay well away!

If you feel like you have been misled, scammed and ripped off by, or any other dating site owned or operated by Cupid plc and their partners. Then I strongly recommend submitting a complaint to your local consumer protection organization.

UK: If you’re in the UK, then you can send your complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office:

USA/Canada: For the USA and Canada you can report your complaints to the Better Business Bureaus:

Australia: In Australia you can report a complaint to your local Consumer Protection Agency:

Let’s face it, a dating site where you can easily hookup with people for no strings sex is like the holy grail. It simply does not exist! You’d be better spending your money on escort girls or making a cheeky trip to Amsterdam. Alternatively you could try Although there are people on there looking for relationships there are also many looking for casual affairs and you can also filter these out in the search options. It’s also free! However, there are quite a few scammers on the site so watch out for any messages that sound too good to be true.

If you would like to avoid being ripped off by other dubious dating sites, I highly recommend reading my guide to online dating scams.

I first discovered online dating over 15 years ago now. Since then every relationship that I've had (only 5!) have started online. My brother and many friends have also met their own wives and girlfriends online. A few years back I decided to share everything that I've learned about online dating here on - with the primary aim being to help singletons looking for love in today's digital world.

Deryck Guyler says

I got sucked in to joining and forked out $120. for 6 months and Tokens to use to get you started. Same story as the rest of those posted. Fake pictures and profiles. Even had ones showing 6inches of snow on the ground in Perth Australia. Some guys in a basement somewhere in the USA replying to my msgs at 4 am my time. Most of it didn’t even make sense and as soon as you ask anything that requires knowledge of the place you live, they disappear. They pick out a dozen suburbs to use so that a town with 1K population has 20 hot beautiful horny naked women and the the major town next door with 50K population has zero women. These bastards should be shut down and put away. How does the authorities allow them to rip of $Ms and still operate?

Thanks for writing this whole review! I’m glad I know all that now. Very helpful.

What l would like to know is: A mate of mine says he is just a non paying member but he receives nude and very explicit naked photos of tons of women. Said he had to say in his profile how much nudity he was comfortable with. Well l could not find that box anywhere(believe me l looked ) when setting up my profile so l think maybe he IS paying and cant get off site so he is embarrassed. Does anyone other non paying men get to see this side of the site?

I can not. Stop them seending me mail my PC was

Signed-up for 3 day trial then to see if it was worth monthly membership. Minutes after using credit card, received a ‘fraud alert’ from Chase. Some company located in China attempting to put several charges on my account. Account frozen. Began to use service. Now mind you I am a mature man 55+ but as nature would dictate, I’m looking at mostly much younger and very attractive ‘babes’ that would never in a million years gravitate toward a much older gent no matter how attractive or fit they believe they are…. Or so I thought. Friend request here, wink there, sexy comments galore. How do you like this? Can I do that? Where do you like to put it? Thought I died and entered the afterlife.. Hey this is great, I thought. Lined up about 6 prospects. Hey I’m not greedy, save some for the younger studs. I’ll work on the 6 and see what happens. So to cut to the chase, all had same standard responses. Only level 1 conversations. Never could answer a direct question. Always gave ‘stock replies’. I thought, wow! full of dummies, no brains and mindless; much like my ex-wives.

Bottom line: Scam site.. ‘BOTS’ that have programed responses designed to answer a shallow set of questions you ask.

So guys, some free advice from an old fart. As we used to say in my heyday ‘Ass, Grass or Cash.. Nobody rides for Free! Use your big head and whistle past this scam site – save the smaller one for the ‘real thing”.

Realized after the first 24 hours.

Have done the whole completed ‘opt out’ of payment with them, as they guide you through a laborious process.

Then I thought “I don’t trust them one bit” so I rang my bank and reported my card lost..

They got me around $50AUD, so I consider myself lucky, very lucky.


You get a new card and card number and you can sleep easy again…..

HI all , joined this site 2 weeks ago , and was inundated with cam girls trying to lure me to web cam sites , foolishly I clicked on a link, and within 30 minutes I was `member` of at least 4-5 cam sites , and within a week notice chunks of money being plundered from my bank account, Set about retrieving my money , stopped my card with the bank , and managed to get all my monies refunded , minus GBP exchange rate a ? 1.25 a transaction WARNING . 1 do not get involved in this totally bullshit site , phoney profiles , all the gorgeous women perported to be in Sunderland , loada bollox , scammers every one of them , am pissed off that these sites can plunder funds with impunity

I have been getting message from someone on Email that mentioned places in a town by where I live…making it appear more legit, however the moment I asked any question that deviates from the script the response is like…

Baby what are you waiting for, i haven’t heard from you, sign up here and we can talk…I’m thinking

B!TCH you are talking to me on my email right now…the hell if I’m joining some scam site.

The best way to try sites like these, is to use a pre-paid debit card.. I’ve joined other sites in the past, using a prepaid $25 Visa card. Then if you find out it’s a scam, you don’t have to hassle with getting your regular credit card cleared up.

I actually met two women through be naughty and had great sex with both of them on a number of occasions, so not all of the profiles on there are scammers.

prove it shill show photos of the same girls photo on the site and those in your arms on a date

otherwise your just like the last shill i saw lie (and cool thing is, its now against the law and a felony, not misdemeanor, someone will eventually get a record of you and arrest you and because its a gender-related crime, YOU HAVE TO SERVE TIME!!)

but the last one was funny, the only two guys on cupid left seemed to have the same plan, turned out “Ricky” here, wasn’t even a guy, a woman. NO guy claiming to be 65 on a dating site would not know even where his prostate was let alone what it did, she didn’t even know how to spell it lol

i have searched in vain hope a year now, NOT A SINGLE SUCH CLAIM HAS EVERY BEEN PROVEN TRUE, only false,

i’m glad to hear people are finally going to jail, like that actress pulled off the plane in rio screaming begging to be arrested in new york or toronto instead, finally it means you guys filing complaints actually means something, or so i’ve read, could all be fraud too, so why should we guys contribute to society at all anymore?

can someone reply with links to the authentic ‘neutral’ agencies/blogs/statistical research volunteers like trigger-warning? so we can see rather than the scam owned blogs pretending to be legitimate

Started out with this site and it was bad, they like to use the bait and hook scam to get you to sign up for one of their other sites. I complained and stated my case, they didn’t give me a refund but they did give me another month on this site. Well ok I thought, then they pushed other sites on you, hard push, emails, sending your personal name out to their kissin cousin sites. Imagine my horror, when I saw my name in a subject line. When I started I had “incognito mode” (no one can see that you reviewed their profile.) Then it disappeared, only way to get it back was to pay extra, a lot extra. The emails letting you know someone wants to chat with you or wrote you a msg had stopped. You still get their other sites emails even though you optioned out. The icons letting you know you rec’d an email stopped working, and the icon for number of chats you have going was/is completely off. It said I had 3 chats, when I really had zero. I put in “tickets” to have them resolved. You get a standard response, but that’s it. You may get, “sorry to see you leave.” WTF? I just wanted those issues fixed, didn’t say I was leaving.. I replied to them and stated they needed to get someone there who can read and understand English. Their reply? “Sorry to see you leave.” And you’ll always get those one or two chats that never answer you back. Last but not least, they are using photos of women that are on Milfoholic and Lonelywifehookup, not just one or two. Many of the same women, I know b/c they’re supposed to be in my area. Don’t waste your money, join a real dating site, even the women there get lonely too.

There are opinions and there are facts

Got over 100 responses in 24 hrs consisting of replies winks and being added as a friend

Pics showed gorgeous hot girls who obviously cant be that dedparate as to reply with such speed and enthusiasm to the following add

Short and heavy

If u r into that pls wink or honk freely””

So that is your proof of scam while the owners extort $ even for a simple reply from you to those falling in love with you hot girls

Besides all they same profiles on all the other sites. The first clue was tons of profiles from an obscure town 50 miles from me. The other clue is they never want to meet or even talk about meeting. They will pretend to be interested up until the point where you ask about meeting.

Thank you to everyone for posting their views on You have all saved me from wasting my hard-earned cash. The profiles were a little suspect to begin with (what woman in her right mind would give their username as “BigTits”?) and, bizarrely, I was receiving messages and winks from girls even though I had not uploaded an image of myself, or much in the way of a profile. And, why on earth would a hot woman in her early 20s be interested in an average-looking bloke approaching his 50. This website nearly took me for a mug. Thanks again to everyone who have helped me to see the light. Now, are there any of these kinds of websites that are not scams?

Like so many, I thought this site was genuine and signed up only to receive endless messages from cam models. even when I told them I wasn’t interested, they still kept messaging me. I did get to chat to some of the older women…or at least I think I did!! I’m fairly certain I did as the answers to my questions made sense. but I got fed up with them so often using stock phrases obviously from a list of such phrases. So often, they said they’d be happy to meet after we’d chatted for a couple of days, but when I suggested it after a couple of days, I got the same response every time….’I need to get to know you better’. My membershio is on a Top Up Debit card so, when the money runs out on it, that’s me gone; Definitely don’t waste your money on here, gents!! .

Anyone know the no to stop as deleted it payed ?6 for a week but want to stop a repeat subscription

Got the same problem,they sent a text to stop but I deleted it,have you not got that text?

I tried this site and straight away noticed something wasnt right,and i then tried removing my account and they said they will send me an activation code which never turned up in my emails so i cant remove the website,pure rip off and a joke.

Could I just tell you about fake profiles on their homepage…I was the victim of my picture being used on their website, my facebook profile picture was used and a family member who will ill intentions showed this to my parents. I had to contact the company with this information and they dened my picture was on their system! To this day my parents still think I used a sexy site. It can ruin lives.

anyone who uses these sites is a retard , the only real one is POF…

Best way to stop the billing is to ring your bank and tell them about the scam and they will block any further payments

I will admit I met my current partner on this website four and a half years ago and we’ve been living together for two of them. Thing is now it keeps using my partners profile on their site. Talk about causing an issue to our relationship. Once we found out this site was a scam things settled down but I think it’s disgusting that this site uses ex-members profiles as well as fake ones to keep their “stock” up.

Can’t even unsubscribe to tbeehis site con artists like this should be locked up beware they use craigslist to lure u

Joined last night for $24.95. Actually was texts one women, started asking questions about where she lived because I know the area well and the text responses stopped. I have been texting another girl for two days with no response. I think I will call my bank and not allow anymore charges from this site. I will also dispute the $24 charge and get it revised as well. Thanks for all the info. I didn’t even realize it until I read the comments from you guys.

These sites are now owned by “Together Networks” i do agree there are a lot of scams on there but will also say it only takes a short time to see how things work, the chat rooms are the better option for meeting real people, ignore any private message unless you have spoken with that person in chat first, think woth your big head first and not the little one.

When I complained about being cheated, the first thing the lady asked me on the phone was did you read our rules. I just registered as a member and stupidly supplied my credit card details. But before I could finished the normal registration a big screen appeared underneath “upgrade to premium membership”. I was searching for the cursor to finished the normal membership which was nowhere to be found. Frustrated i clicked the upgrade Bottom thinking that was the touch down line. The following happened. They deducted 1 month premium for normal membership (€19.99) and 1 month premium membership for the same month (€24.99) which does not make any sense. I demanded the refund of the normal membership but then I did not read the rules before booking. My fault. Oh and yes, since I paid, all the message of those who admired me has ceased. Very convenient.

HAND UP, I’VE BEEN CAUGHT TOO. At 74 yrs. I couldn’t believe the age of some of my “likes”, after stating women 59-69 on my profile. all the things correspondents claim happened to me. I particularly noticed the bit,”we will protect you from inappropriate posts” what they really want is you spend on points.

I eventually eased the deluge by putting them all in SPAM then just deleting all the lot once a day.

Totally agree with your comments. Unfortunately, I have already been conned out of?120 before I read them. How do I unsubscribe from this site? I have tried and I end up with a US operator number. Do I have to call the operator in the USA and run up a huge telephone bill. Will this actually work? Can anyone help on this?

This website stinks, lots of fake profiles and when I signed up for 3 days I was given lots of confusing information which when I tried to click off then signed me up for their premium dater service, I rang minutes later to explain that I didn’t want it and was told there is a no refund policy, this appears to be the MO of many dating sites with confusing or easy to click on wrong buttons strategically placed on the site.

Just a total scam don”t waste your money

Absolute rip-off most profiles are all false and you find yourself engaging in a conversation with a call centre operator or statistics collector that will ask questions verbatim from one person to the next.

You can fool them by answering “out of topic” and they response weird.

Like they say what’s your favourite colour and I say “Rusmussen” , their response is “Oh that’s my favourite too” LOL

absolute crap to rip men off for fees to us and Women are Free, very discriminatory and legally wrong it states it on their main web page “Free for Women”

Someone should take them to the cleaners and sue the shit out of them.

I am convinced that the messages/replies purporting to be from the women on this site are all coming from the same source. The language is unusual (? not a native English speaker) and all messages follow the same course. It is absolutely obvious that the postings are scripted and usually totally unconnected to what I have said to them. I suspect that either the “messages” are computer generated or there is a lonely old bloke in a darkened room frantically trying to keep up with all of the fake profiles he is pretending to be

Thank you for confirming my suspicions! I had the same experience. Im glad you’re getting the word out there. Also, have you had any luck finding a site that actually IS what this site claims to be? Just curious.

Three months of total bs, no response from any of the women, pour my heart out and nothing but bs, complain with a phone call to zoosk, and got 200 coins bfd, the site sucks.

I joined about 3 days ago on 3/28/2015,what i noticed is 98% of the girls are all very hot,this cant be the norm. I been on other web. Sites as and not every girl was hot, And every girl i tried or ask for a date to meet in person,would allways brush me off,and allways say some excuse like lets talk here more,or i got to go now. None was really interested in actually meet me for a date! Now i know im not dog ugly, and other web dating sites the girls,did show some interest and really wanted to meet me. I believe the girls pics are not really who they say they are! Ill will post a little later and let u know if i actually meet just 1in real life! But i believe its a scam!

correct they are call centre operators in the Philippines, you have no hope of getting a date

I’m trying to get the be naughty account removed but they keep on taking money from me for nothing. After finding out about dating sites I won’t ever see myself registered ever again. Disgusting thiefs stealing money from people.

cancel your credit card that’s the only way I could stop my subscription

Exactly as stated by you and some of your readers. This girl keeps e mailing me that she wants to meet for some fun .How ever one place where she has proposed to meet is at shopping mall that has been torn down in the last year! That got me wondering the legitimacy of her request and hence I was lead here. Thanks for exposing these very crafty scammers.

fake profiles, fake messages, 20 or more men for every female, ludicrous prices and they wont cancel repeat billing when you ask them You need to phone America and the number supplied does not exist. They also wont respond to e mails or complaints and still tried to take money from my account when i told them to cancel my repeat billing 3 times. Absolute con from start to finish and designed to fleece you from as much cash as possible with zero customer service.

Thank you for this article . Been talking to a girl who keeps trying to get me to go and sign up there . She appears to be local . Knows the area ! I will not join after reading this . Thanks again

For many years we have muddied our feet in the perilous jungles of the online dating scene. We're now sharing our wisdom to help guide others safely past the crocs and into the arms of Tarzan or Jane (depending on which way you swing).

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My wife left me after two years of marriage for one of my best friends. I could have let this event turn my world upside down but I've never really been one for dwelling on the past or feeling sorry for myself. So 3 months later I washed my hands of them both and joined up to eHarmony. I'm not sure if someone was looking over me from above, but the very first person I contacted on the site is now my fiance and I've never been happier. Perhaps I should send my ex wife and ex best friend a thank you card.

After focusing on my career for far too long, I decided it was time to put the same amount of effort into ending my days as a singleton. My requirements in a partner were quite simple. They should be hard working, family oriented, honest and a little charming. eHarmony's match making system made it really easy to find just the type of characters that I was looking for. Still, somehow my first date was a disaster, my second not much better, but by my third date I found someone I felt I could go on a second date with. We've now been together for over 9 months.

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