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How to Fix a Car CD Player

If you own a vehicle, then knowing how to fix a car CD player is important knowledge to have. If you own your car for a long time, you will likely be faced with the task of fixing or replacing the player in your car at some point.

Just because a car CD player is electronic doesn't mean that you should be afraid to open it up and attempt to do your own repairs. Many people assume that a CD player is a complicated electronic device, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The player is actually made up of just a few mechanical parts that can break, and repairing those parts is sometimes surprisingly simple.

Before you decide to open up the player and attempt more invasive repairs, try some of these more basic troubleshooting tips to figure out how to fix a car CD player:

  • Is the problem related to the volume or quality of the sound? This could be related to the speakers and not the main unit of your audio system. Take the time to remove the covers from the speakers in your car and make sure there's no trapped dirt or damage. Also check the electrical connections on the back to make sure they are still firm and make a good connection.
  • If the speakers look fine, another issue that could affect sound is the quality of the connections behind the head unit of your system. You'll need to open the dash to access the unit (see your owner's manual or an auto repair manual for your car). Make sure all channel (speaker) connections are solid and make good contact.
  • When you insert a disc, is the CD display blank? While it sounds simple, one of the most common mistakes people make is inserting a CD upside down. This will cause the player to act as though it isn't working.
  • Is the music skipping or stopping completely? This is commonly caused by dirty or damaged tracks on the disc. Before assuming that the problem is with the player, test a few newer CDs and see if the skipping behavior continues. If it doesn't, the the problem is the disc and you'll need to look into cleaning or repairing the disc so that it can play normally again.

If you've explored all of the possibilities listed above and you're still having difficulty, you may need to explore how to fix a car CD player using a more advanced approach.

While some people save the advanced troubleshooting for an electronics technician, the following tips are a few things that you can do on your own. Performing the following maintenance on the CD player may repair the problem that you're seeing.

If you are experiencing skipping audio, or music that simply stops playing entirely, try the following maintenance tips:

  • Clean the objective lens and spindle. Contamination of the lens with dust or dirt can significantly reduce the quality of the data read off of audio discs. You will need to remove the unit from the dash, open it up, and locate the lens. If you can open the CD door and see the lens by shining a flashlight inside, you can clean it by inserting a long Q-tip moistened with pure isopropyl alcohol.
  • Examine the lens after you've cleaned it. If you see any major scratches, that means that the lens assembly may require replacement, and you'd be better off buying an entirely new CD player. Most problems are caused by a dirty lens though, so a simple cleaning may do the trick.
  • If you can get the end of a Q-tip under the lens and you can lift it up slightly, insert another alcohol-moistened swab underneath and clean off the turning mirror (looks like glass) under the lens.
  • After cleaning, next check the movement of the lens itself. If it tends to stick while moving up or down, or it doesn't remain flat with the deck while being moved around - this is a sign of a mechanical failure and that the entire unit may need to be replaced.

If the door of your CD player sticks or otherwise doesn't work properly, try the following troubleshooting ideas:

  • Open the bottom of the player and remove the optical deck. Make sure to use jeweler's screwdrivers and carefully store the screws that you remove (they are tiny!). Examine the drawer mechanism for loose or broken parts. If there's a belt, check that it is still attached and tight. Replacing the belt is an easy and cheap fix.
  • Examine all gears and observe the electric motors for any burn marks or damage. Apply silicone grease to moving parts. If the door is noisy, you can also put a drop of electric motor oil inside the electric motors to quiet them.
  • Many CD players have a lock attached to the door that is used to protect the device during shipping. Check that the lock is not in place or otherwise blocking the sled drive from extracting the CD.
  • If the inner workings are somewhat dirty, this could be the cause of the problems. Using either an air compressor with an air gun attachment or a toothpick, try to remove dirt and grime from the gears and other moving parts. Lubricate the moving parts with silicone grease to aid operation.

Most of the time, simple troubleshooting tips will resolve any problems you're experiencing with a car CD player. However, there will be times when there are mechanical failures. Don't be afraid to tackle the repair work yourself. Often, just replacing a very inexpensive part or cleaning the inner workings of the drive will completely renew the device back to perfect working condition.

Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend

When you're trying to get back an ex boyfriend, you need to know what's working (and what's not). Recognizing signs that your ex wants you back is an important part of the reconciliation process, as it will boost your confidence and let you know when it's safe to take a few steps forward in his direction.

The signs and signals given off when your ex is ready to reverse the breakup won't always be obvious. Most guys will be guarded about revealing too much of their emotions too soon. Moving forward with repairing the relationship is made easier when you know that your ex is interested again, but it's not something he's going to come right out and say. You need to look for signs that all your hard work in winning him back is finally paying off.

Whenever your ex keeps the lines of communication open with you after breaking up, it's always a good sign. Most exboyfriends who are already thinking of moving on will want to break ties with you as soon as possible, and those no longer interested in you will have even less of a desire to stay in touch. In those two cases you'll need to make some fast moves before your ex loses more interest in dating you again, but even in that type of scenario there are several different ways of bringing him back.

Sending you emails, text-messages, and even making phone calls after your relationship ends is your exboyfriend's way of keeping you "around" in case he changes his mind about things. Of course he'll tell you that he's just being friendly, and may even ask to remain friends with you after the break up. In reality though, friendship has nothing to do with it. It's safe and comforting for him to know where you are and what you're doing while he plays the field and tries to see what else is out there. To prevent him from hooking up with another girl and dating someone new, you should never play the friend. For more about what to do in this situation, read up on Being Friends With Your Ex Boyfriend.

The very fact that your ex still wants to maintain contact is a big indication that he's not ready to let go. If he's returning your emails and phone calls that's good, but if he's the one initiating these types of communication it's an even bigger sign that your ex wants you back. From there you can begin making small moves away from your ex that will increase his interest in you tenfold.

Breakup Reversed goes into this technique in tremendous detail, and shows you exactly what to do and say in order to get your ex chasing you. instead of you chasing him!

Calling to say hello only goes so far, and you can usually tell when your ex is just being friendly or when he's trying to see what you're up to. Any time your ex boyfriend is consistently calling and asking about your daily life, you can bet your ass he's interested in keeping you away from dating someone else.

Jealousy is a huge catalyst for getting back together. If your exboyfriend is nervous about losing you, he's going to want to take you back fairly quickly. Until then, any attempts at following your 'situation' made by your ex boyfriend should be taken as positive signs that he's still interested.

Knowing what to say when your ex calls you on the phone isn't always easy. If you really miss him and want him back, you might come off sounding desperate or needy. This is something you definitely need to avoid, so let his calls go unanswered and allow him to leave a message sometimes. That way you can prepare for what you'll say when you do call him back, which you shouldn't do right away, either. This gives your ex the impression that you've got bigger and better things going on in your life.

You can also learn a lot more about contact ex boyfriend etiquette by checking out this detailed guide on what to say to your ex when he calls you.

Before your exboyfriend asks you back out again, he'll need to know that you're available. Coming right out and asking you this will probably leave him a little too vulnerable, so he'll try to feel out your dating status in other ways. One of the more common approaches is to be unnecessarily open about his own situation.

If your ex keeps dropping clues about him still being 'available', he wants you to know it. This is because he wants you to stay available yourself, while he figures out what to do next. Being pointedly open and honest about not dating anyone else is a big sign your ex wants you back. He might not be ready to make a move just yet, but he's definitely laying the groundwork.

You can give your exboyfriend the green light to continue on, but if you want him back quickly? Be intentionally vague about your own dating situation. Don't be so available when he calls, and let him think you're out doing something most of the time he tries to get in touch with you. These small moves will go miles toward hurrying up his decision to reverse the breakup, putting him back in your arms even faster than doing nothing.

Stopping by to see you, whether at work or home, is a huge sign your ex is just about ready to get back together again. The need to physically see you is a big indication that he's been thinking a lot about you, and is worth much more than a bunch of emails or intermittant phone calls.

If you've been working toward getting your boyfriend back, nothing beats actually seeing him again. While observing the signals and body language given off by your ex boyfriend, make sure that you keep yourself in check. Let him know it's great to see him again, but don't go flying into his arms prematurely. Let your ex state the nature of his visit, and allow him to do most of the talking. You want to make sure that even he knows what he wants first, before making a single move.

In any case, your ex is missing you. He needed to meet up with you to satisfy the urge to know that you're still there, still in the same place he might've left you. Missing and wanting you again is just a step away from getting back together as boyfriend and girlfriend, so be patient. Keep on doing whatever you've been doing, because your ex stopping by to say hello is a huge indication that he wants you back.

There's no such thing as being friends with your ex. regardless of what some people would have you believe. If your ex is still trying to hang out with you even after the break up, he wants one of two things: sex or companionship (and sometimes both). Understanding which thing he's looking for is crucial to handling the situation correctly.

If your exboyfriend is just looking to have sex with you, don't allow yourself to be used. Sleeping with your ex will come during the reconciliation process: it's a natural part of getting back together again. That being said, jumping right into bed with your ex the moment he shows romantic interest in you again could quickly lead to heartache and trouble. especially if you're expecting that it means something significant. And if he's looking for "friends with benefits"? Tell him thanks but no thanks, if you want any chance of getting back together again.

After you break up with someone, platonic friendship can't last. One or more forces would end up pulling you apart the moment either of you started dating someone else. Just as you couldn't be a couple, you can't be friends either - for the same reasons as well as additional ones. Refusing any offers of friendship from your ex boyfriend is the right move, especially since such a refusal will actually make your ex want you back more than ever. If you want your ex back, you need to stay on the romantic side of things. not jump on over into the fantasy land of pretend frienship.

In any case, your ex asking to hang out with you again is a big sign he wants you back. Make sure it's for the right reasons, and take things slow. You should be in no rush at this point: your ex has already expressed an interest in seeing you again, so let everything else play itself out. In rebuilding a future relationship together, this is a good first step.

This is the last stop before getting back together. When your ex's behavior toward you suddenly changes on very emotional levels, it means he's reached a breakthrough in how he feels about you. He's decided that he wants you back, and needs to approach you in such a way that you're ready to receive him. His first move? Reattaching emotionally.

Signs of affection are huge indications that your ex is ready to reconcile. These might take the form of playful flirting at first, but they'll blossom into full-blown emotional and physical actions geared toward getting you to commit. Whether he changed his mind because he missed you, or because another opportunity of his didn't work out - your exboyfriend has decided to give things a second chance, and is trying to let you know.

While you shouldn't jump right back into the way things were, if you want your ex back you should throw him some go-ahead signals of your own. Let him know that you welcome the idea of getting back together, but without coming right out and saying it. Be subtle, but also be firm in your conviction that the two of you can really make a lasting relationship out of giving things a second try.

Getting back together with someone usually takes some time. As patient as you were with reversing your break up, you don't want to blow it in the last few moments. For this reason you should take things slow, and ease your way back into seeing your ex again.

Together you'll want to build a new relationship even stronger than the last one, and moving too fast can quickly scare him away. You'll have lots of time to catch up on things you missed while you were apart. reuniting with your ex is enjoyable and fun, and you should take the time to savor it slowly.

All men are different, and some take longer to come around than others. Still, if you've been making all the right moves and haven't yet seen any results when it comes to your ex wanting you back? You might have to change tactics to get things moving in a positive direction.

Certain emotional responses from your ex boyfriend are triggered whenever he thinks about you and the relationship you had. Making sure that all of these responses are positive is a key part of winning back your ex. By pushing the right emotional buttons and playing upon just the right memories of your time together, you can actually get your ex thinking about you even when you're not around. There are methods and techniques designed around this concept that are specifically geared to get him to come back to you.

Below you'll find two of the top relationship repair guides around when it comes to getting back an ex boyfriend. Instantly downloadable, they specialize in reversing your ex's current mindset and creating an environment in which he can't help but start chasing you again.

Both of these guides can help speed up the process of getting back together:

The Magic of Making Up by T.W. Jackson

T.W. Jackson takes you by the hand, showing you exactly what to do and say in order to win back your ex boyfriend.

Breakup Reversed by Robert Parsons

For the girl who thinks getting her boyfriend back is hopeless, Breakup Reversed offers a unique approach that generates positive, instant results.

For detailed info on similar relationship guides, visit our Resource Review Page!

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