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In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer analyst Paul Verna talks about key events in the digital video industry, including programmatic video ad spending and original content.

Influencer importance waning?; Taking physical stores to the mobile realm; Few customers write reviews; Mobile video's sold Q3; and more.

According to a survey of business-to-business (B2B) marketers, owned media wins the highest share of marketing spending.

Since Instagram’s launch in 2010, the company has pushed to capture the attention of younger audiences. eMarketer estimates Instagram will grow its user base by almost 39% in 2017, reaching 593.7 million users worldwide.

Despite years of vetting and advances in media measurement, analytics, models and attribution, Forbes research—with over 800 CMOs and 50 subject matter experts—revealed that most CMOs still struggle to quantify and communicate the value marketing creates to their leadership, peers and partners.

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B2B Ad Spending to Grow 13% in 2018 Dec 13

eMarketer estimates that US business-to-business (B2B) advertisers will spend $4.07 billion on digital advertising in 2017. The B2B digital ad market is growing steadily, and in 2018 it will jump 13% to reach $4.60 billion.

New data from Forrester Consulting finds that roughly three-quarters of marketers surveyed say that marketing intelligence is critical to their company's business goals.

Data from RBC Capital Markets indicates some of Facebook's services are having a tough time gaining traction among US users. But the social media giant is in the midst of tweaking its efforts for better results.

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133 postbox, Agona Swedru, Ghana

First Kanda Street 41, Accra, Ghana, 00233


Amasaman str., 13, Accra, Ghana

135 Agape High street, Accra, Ghana, 00233

293/3 Kweikuma rd., Accra, Ghana

POBox ct 7842, Acra, Ghana

Grand Bassam rue imperial, 225, Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire


Ecowas street apt lane 2, box 629, Nkawkaw, Ghana

P.O.Box 731, Mango Lane, Winneba, Ghana

Box 137, Offinso Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa

B13/G Kotei, Deduako, Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana, West Africa


Georgia, Abasha, 1 May str., 26/10

4th Ave., Accra, Ghana, 00233

3 Joubert St., Montagu, Cape Town, South Africa

25th Ajakroba street, Accra new town, Ghana, 00233

Alerting scammer that "she" is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

This woman tells me she was born on Malta and woved to Ghana with her parents and brother.

Her father build a house for them there, and she just get graduated from reading Economics Major and Management with a bachelors degree.

She sais she works in a icecream bar were she lives.

after a while she tells me she has a son, and because she ha a bad cellphone and laptop she ask me if i give her that.

I just know this woman about a week and because of my previous experience i was warned for scammers and i try to stop them where ever i can.

She is a high-end solo webcam girl that is VERY GOOD at her "con game". See the movie "Cargo" for an idea of her story. Says she is trapped into doing solo webcam "modeling" in Ghana because after her Father's death she was sent to Ghana with her "people" and they stole her passport and papers and is not able to get out of that business. Actually the way she presents the story it is somewhat possible in a twisted world.

Says she is "enslaved". in a world of bad webcam "stuff" and wants OUT. but needs help because she has little money for personals.

She is a VERY CONVINCING woman, physically gorgeous and extremely manipulative. Will NOT ask for money up front but "falls in love" as a test to see if the man is vulnerable, then she ropes you into the game.

Actually like a girlfriend texting morning, noon and night having a "virtual affair" with this "lady" was great and believable until the lies began. Then came the "confession" and how she hated doing what she was doing and needed help getting out of that business to start a new life.

She is VERY PATIENT and VERY SMOOTH, grammatically good in her English, translates in German and speaks Portuguese also.

Has EXCEPTIONAL ID's! Validation from US Embassy, US Consulate, Wymoo International Investigations and Ghana Immigration ALL CONFIRMED FRAUD!

She uses various Bank images and names. Check the images of the buildings too that she sends because they will confirm photoshop editing! Western Union and MoneyGram have her blocked under MOST names used. EcoBank, Ghana and First Rank Bank are used by her to try to get you to wire funds. Banks here in USA have Ghana blocked for the most part.

Documentation and Visa Fraud Unit

Acra, Ghana 00233

Fraudulent Banking Practices, Mail

Romance Scam, Fraudulent Marriage.

Follows all the traditional scamming tricks, deceased wealthy family, gold bars, property, inheritance she can not touch until she is married, must move money in a very strange bank account in Ghana via a barrister, not registered, out of county, at a cost, very sick and old grandmother needs medical and hospital bills to be paid and so on. Just eats money to support her porno website, travel documents never in order, requests money be sent via Western Union to some friend in Florida, can be very loving and attractive but very inconsistent with her stories verbal English is with an American voice but written English is poor - be careful.

Intelligent, patient. May be forced into actions by organized scammers.

Promises love, marriage etc. then needs money for new Passports, medical reports, police reports.

(I checked, there is no such degree at CU) Her recent past seemed a bit vague and her answers also lacked detail. She drew me in and cleverly enticed me to offer to help her. She said she could come see me next day if I paid the air fare. I declined. Same ploy later when she said she had a problem with Internet bill. I asked how much. ?240 for three last months. At that point I asked for phone number to contact her if the internet was lost but did not use it or give my number. Posted photos of her gorgeous self. I am waiting for a photo of her from her graduation at Cambridge! That will be good. I reported her profile to BeNaughty and now here.

4. Some of her conversation appeared to be cut and pasted from websites. Also she said she lived in Sydney but when pressed admitted she was in Ghana. Said she had recently been to Sydney and set her profile up then.

5. $300 for medical expenses for her mother.

6. No money send conversation terminated by me when she asked for money.

The pictures were very familiar, they were of a model. Once I identified her, I challenged her, and ceased my communications.

She requested money for feminine needs.

Once challenged she admitted to being black, and white people don't like blacks.

needs to pay for her tuition exams She'll be lucky again Lucky for this site ppl are saved from giving to a useless user who has sad life and should be locked up along with anyone else trying this sad preying on vulnerable single people found this by looking up the picture url search Also she says she had a boyfriend in London some years back i asked why does the site say london i not found out yet CLEVER GIRL.

I found her here under the name Marilyn Anna Lane But the name she has given to me is Margaret Yeboah.

I put these docomentos to be seen by other lezados but do not know how to put the . hitNria short course, with all this were lost 1700 euros.

This person sent me several photos. Phone numbers given were said to be cell number however internet search came back as land lines.

SECRET QUESTION: Favorite color?

Please don't quote me on this but everything to me is leading to these scammers possibly being in control of the inter chat site.

This woman Rabi White still talking to me now and has been for three weeks right now she thinks there is $300 at western union waiting for her but she's waiting for me to get her the MTCN which I'm having trouble getting that to her LOL Well after only but a few days she was deeply in love and wanted to be with me and wants money for passport and visa. And thinks I sent out a few days ago and now her so called agent is very upset with her and thinks she is lying to him about getting the funds.she lives with her mom.

She told me that she was from Finland. Mother from Ghana, Father from Finland. Only child and the parents had been killed in a car accident in 2010. She sent me a passport copy showing her birthdate 4 june 1983. (already then, I should have checked with the finish embassy, the validity of the passport, but I had never been conned like this before) She had been depressed several years after the death of parents but went to South Africa in 2012 to study and search for her african roots. She told me that currently she was in South Africa, studying Business and Marketing at a private college in Cape Town. She also used to attend the Methodist Mission church She was now going to use her last money to go to Kumasi, Ghana to continue her studies at KNUST. Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology.

She was remaining with 6 months to complete her Bachelour of Business and Marketing. She had obtained a transfer and wanted to be near her grandmother. After a few days, She came to Ghana, she said, contacted me again and told me that she discovered that her grandmother had tubercolosis and she couldn't stay with her. If I could help her pay for a room.

Beside being a pastor, I am also running aid projects to Africa. I felt she was genuine and offered to pay for a room, rent for 6 months and also to pay for utensils and a bed etc. She sent me a few pictures, looking very kind and innocent. One day, suddenly she sent a nude picture of herself. I told her that I do not involve myself in such things, if she wanted to send me pictures. They must be pictures with her clothes on. I got very angry also, but never told her, imagine sending a nude picture to a pastor. I erased the picture, but felt that she was a perverted kid who needed spiritual councelling and care. The picture became a symbol of her lostness and desperation, therefore I decided to continue the contact. If she didn't have parents, I could be a parent to her by chatting to her now and then, and send her the Word of God. She expressed gratitude, told me how she was putting her life in the hands of God.

And we chatted very often about things of daily life, studies, poems, about Bible and God. Never anything indecent. Never anything sexual or perverted. She asked copies of my sermons and I told her about my projects in Africa. She was studying Business and Administration and after finishing she wanted to become involved in helping others. She even sent me a picture where she is playing with kids. She called them destitutes. But, the picture was manipulated and the kids are neither malnurished or destitute. (I discoverd too late) After a while she needed money for many things. Better housing, clothes, a fridge, she had to do some travels to Cape Coast to write a project for her bachelour. I gave her a loan, I told her you can pay us back when you finish your studies, get a job and start earning your own money. The requests for money became so frequent that I had to say. We will sponsor you with 500 cedis twice a month so that you can finish your school.

But her water broke, electricity was cut off etc. Etc. She had nowhere else to turn, rather than to me. Completely lonely in the world with a sick grandmother. I felt I was talking to one of my daughters, she made me feel that I stood up for my daughter. And, if she was real, and in misery I would gladly have done. I told her, I am never asking you anything in return. No strings attached, only you will pay back some of the money I give you as a loan.

I always felt the conflict of believing her or not, almost gave up several times but had no proof. But I thought. Okey, she might be cheating me of the money. I will leave that to God. If the story she tells me is true, I will keep my promises, hopefully she will experience Gods care through my assistance and prayers.

I insisted that we talk on the phone. She said she had a phone which could only deal with messages. And if I insisted, she would have to walk 45 minutes to nearest telephone booth. I never came to be.

I insisted on receiving copies of receipts and her student ID card.

Finally she sent to me a ID card supposedly from KNUST. However, by checking with the University it was fake. The finnish passport was also fake.

I prayed to God to show me the truth. I found the same pictures of her on this your web site and everything was disclosed.

She calles herself Anita Brown. I do not know if "she" is a male or a female. She is sending me pictures of the notorious scammer. Well known by stop-scammers. Completely cynical and evil. She might be in Ghana or America, I do not know.

What I know is that nothing is sacred to her. She is saying her finnish father was named Robert Aapro, he and her mother died in a car accident. Lying about deaths to get sympathy. She willingly talks about God . Always send "God Bless you !" When you argue against her, she shows that she is a world class manipulator. I guess she is ruled by demons, serving the Devil himself . Never try to argue with her, you will find your selves entangled in a net which is very difficult to come out of. She played on my empathy to help poor people and to reach out to people with the word of God. She make me feel that I am leaving her to prostitution or death if I abandon her. Therefore I wanted to be sure before I cut the contact, I would rather lose money than leaving somebody in misery.

I leave to God to handle her, "as a person sows he will also reap" mocking honest people like this, lying about everything sacred. I never thought it was possible .

They say the devil is beautiful . My feeling is that I never knew, until I saw her pictures.

hello my dear am Patricia by name 31 years of age, i was mixed raced my dad is a Australian and my mom from west Africa Ghana but unfortunately i lost my dad when i was 17years old and ever since i have live with my my mom and aunt since the lost of my dad,Dear i was on c date searching for a soulmate someone who is going to love me and tell me everything is going to be alright a man who is going to encourage me weather in good and bad times he is going to stand by my side and show me his support and love that is what i need dear,Am looking for a long term relationship to start a new family somewhere with the man that will show me truly love dear,This all i can say about me dear and i cant wait to hear from you too dear,tell me about you too my dear hugs Patricia.

I really hope this makes the report. The use of modern technology currently available can make for some desperate deception, as this seems to be.

Curiously, immediately after I contacted you this morning, I received another email, supposedly from the dating dating site. I only made one inquiry. Yes, also from Ghana.

I sure hope this helps. Somebody else tried the same thing through Facebook a few years ago. Very similar stories, deceased parents, one American, the other from somewhere in Africa. Gorgeous girl getting a Master's degree, posing a real candidate as a go getter career girl.

I now feel like Toto in The Wizard of Oz when he pulls the curtain back and exposes some guy pulling all the bells and whistles.

She claims her mother was from Accra, her father worked for a provable Gold Company based in Ghana. They perished in a car crash 7 years ago. She claimed it needed to be sent to another country to be claimed. Questioning my bank about this, they said that if it's a fraud, my account would be seized, my assets frozen and I wouldn't be able to open another account for 7 years. Angel asked for all of my account information more than once and also coerced me to open another account with Keybank, the supposed bank this claimed gold inheritance is held with.

I addition to speaking with James Washington, I also spoke with her supposed Uncle Joseph Anaba. Until yesterday, it was all a pretty believable story. Upon repeated questioning for all information provable by established organizations, that claimed bill for 350$ was the best she could come up with.

I conference with my bank about the GOLD (gold was always capitalized), they had no answer on the validity of that document, I even forwarded it via email to their associate and conferred with the bank manager about it. They told to try the Police.

A convenient distance away, I did. I was recommended to sever my ties with this person, or seek help from the FBI, CIA, and/or an attorney.

I made a call to the FBI, was told they have no department to deal with this matter, try an attorney.

I found one online, claiming their New York office are Ghana Gold experts. In conference with them, they never saw this document, they told me it was forged.

I have been led to turn all this over to you. I believe she is a prostitute and these men are part of a service aimed at bilking, or scamming gullible men out of money. Video calls involve solo sex acts frequently and appear to involve others. I've hung up more than once. This is all just too unbelievable.

This looks like her at an amusement park. Here is the tracking papers I filled out to send her a card with money and the phone number listed in Ghana is not hers it's a man's. You can easily search and find him by the number.

If this info is not enough to link her to your scammeresponse team you're doing awful at your job and you might as well be scamming people yourselves! Luck fully for me I also have the DoD department of Defense sending this to the Embassy of Accra Ghana.

I need the opportunity to upload these documents!

When asked about tattoos and piercings she said she had a belly piercing and her ears pierced. But when looking at her pictures i could tell she had her nipples pierced.

When asked about that she asked me how i knew that and it was very clear to me it wasn't the gal in the pictures at all.

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