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Hundreds of innocent people worldwide have fallen prey to the sweet words of the scammers and lost millions of dollars. These types of racketeers build a wonderful strategy before they target the innocent citizens and swindle hundreds of dollars from the victims at an appropriate time and place without their knowledge. There are different types of scams like lottery scams, sex racketing, trading scams, mobile scams, internet scams, investment scams and social media scams. These are only a small portion of the exhaustive scammers list.

Time and space will not be enough to provide exhaustive information about these brilliant scammers who are creating wide network worldwide. Most of the scammers are either new to this business or experienced hands. But the scammer's only objective is to swindle huge amount of money from the victims. During the advent of the internet, hundreds of hackers gained entry into the savings bank accounts of the rich and affluent account holders and looted millions of dollars without the knowledge of the bankers and account holders. Only after a spate of scamming and hacking the authorities woke up to this serious situation and worked out a defense mechanism to fight against the scammers and hackers.

A few years back Nigerian scammers swindled millions of dollars from hundreds of internet users in the well-executed lottery scam and only after this news spread like a wild fire in the news channels and blogs, the internet users showed much caution. Most of the professional scammers are living in the African countries of Ghana and Nigeria, as a matter of fact, it is interesting and worth mentioning that they are Nigerian female scammers and Russian female scammers. These sexy women who are scammers will send a mail containing sexual contents or come via webcam and request the customer to deposit hundreds of dollars. The innocent customer will deposit large amount in the scammer's account immediately and will swindle the amount and run away with the money deposited by the customer. It is important to note that female romance scammers and female romance scam are on the rise. The citizens should be cautious while answering to the calls of female scammers and switch off the mobile for a while. This wonderful website has a list of scammers who were seriously involved in sex racketing and scamming. The citizens should inform the public about these types of love scammers through this immaculate website.

The tweeters and frequent internet users who always socialize with other people through chatting should exercise caution while chatting with Accra, Ghana citizens since most of the scammers belonging to this country have the habit of looting money from the public. Europeans, especially Russian female scammers who look pretty and beautiful will involve themselves in racketing and cheat the internet users. They will send an introductory mail to their clients and if the client reciprocates they will develop strong relationships with them under the pretext of friendship and cheat millions of dollars quickly. The web users should never reply when they receive the contents like your mail id has won one million dollars in the online lottery or my friend is in critical condition in the hospital and we need financial support from you.

The most trending scams on the internet these days are 'work from home scam' which is spreading like wild fire. Hundreds of innocent internet users lost their valuable money through this intelligent scam. The scammers will design and develop a clutter free website which will look like a registered company. The articles, contents, blogs, images, design, videos everything will look like original. After developing these types of websites they will coin catchy words like this "We are offering hundreds of work home jobs where you can make millions of dollars browsing websites or doing simple jobs. Click www. ----". The customers will fall prey to these types of attractive words and after surfing their websites will deposit huge amounts in the scammer's savings account.

The scammers will run away with the money and will never send any jobs to the customers. Though it is very difficult to have fool proof methods the internet users should verify the whereabouts of the person offering jobs and only when they are confident, they should deposit amount. But the internet users should not deposit huge amounts in the beginning and should only deposit small amounts to start with. Nowadays, phishing scams are on the rise. The scammers will call the customers as if they are bank executives and request the customers to provide their internet passwords and pins. The account holder will innocently provide all the details called for and fall prey to these types of scammers. But the banks have woken up to the situation and are sending mails and messages to their patronages not to reply to these types of mails. The account holders and internet users are alert now and they are not informing the details to the scammers. The scammers will enter the ATM center and stand behind the account holder and note down the activities of the account holder. When the account holder enters the pin the scammer will note down the pin and other details, only to swindle the amount of the customers. So, the account holders should be very careful while using the ATM machines or while depositing or withdrawing the cash from the bank. The tricky scammers will prank the pedestrians and loot their hard-earned money.

This website has the names and other details of experienced scammers who have cheated lots of customers in the past. This website will be very useful for the internet users who involve themselves in socializing. There are lots of scammers in the country of Ukraine who will send mails and message to the customers. They will take advantage when the customers reply their mails. The internet users should jot down the names and mail address of the scammers and search their names on this website. If they are sure that the mail belongs to one of the scammers, then they can immediately post their message on this website. This immaculate website has helped number of online customers and internet users. Browse this website and understand the true meaning of scamming.

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43 Oau road, Ile-Ife, Osun state, 234036, Nigeria

24th Catleway, Assiam road, Takoradi, Ghana

PO Box 1746, Achimota - Market, Accra, Ghana, 00233

48 Kojo Thompson road, Accra, Ghana

11th official Tawn Lane Darkuman, Accra, Ghana

C/O Mr. Kojo Gyamera, P.O. Box 223, Kosea, Ghana, West Africa

po box 1633, Accra, Ghana

112 Kotobabi, Accra, Ghana, 00233

po box AT 150, Achimoto-MKT, Accra, Ghana W/A, 23321


Freetown avenue, East region, house 17, Accra, Ghana

23 N. Ridge ring Road, Accra, Ghana, 00233


Nima Highway 326, Accra, Ghana, 00233

PO Box 3277, Accra, Ghana, 00233


77 Awolowo Way Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401

Kendo Barnes, Brooklyn, NY, 11238, USA

no 21 Jalan bp2/9 putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia, 41700

Alerting scammer that "she" is posted on this website will lead to termination of your account and permanent banning!

I even sent her 150 euro by WesternUnion, but dit not give the MTCN number. I got the money back just this afternoon.

She has a pager to mail the codes. I've the number. She's in Nigaria. I have her where-abouts and her photo too.

She claims to be Belgium Citizen, but also claims she needs VISA to visit Europe. Her passport needs renewal and costs about US $200.

Want me to give her money to call her uncle via ghanaairtime.

Contacted me on Woome profile: Sidi Female 32, living in: Accra, Ghana,

My name is Sidi Ali meaning Rose Flower and i am 32 years old, i am single(2 years ago).I am originally from Venezuela and presently living in Ghana. Am a mix race my mum is a Venezuelan and my dad a Ghanaian. I moved here with my dad and brother when my mum passed away from a serious illness while we where still young. My dad also later died and i am living with my uncle now with my younger brother. I have been use to the weather here and i really love been here in my fathers land. Africans are very good and trust worthy and i have ever regretted been here. I work as a sales girl in a supermarket I'm a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married.

This is her Manager address from SMS on my phone when she request for money to be sent on Wetern Union: NAME: NANA YAW KWANING, ADDRESS: 11TH OFFICIAL TOWN LANE DARKUMAN, ACCRA, GHANA, WEST AFRICA, phone number: +233277930523

Lawyer Daneil Sowah.

his cell phone is +233272359198. and office line is 0302713940

CELL NUMBER USED BY Kate Quarcoo: +233542007974

I was not in afinacial position to send her money whoever i did sent her $250.00. to the address listed above. I found out she was a scammer today through your website.

Also on face book as patricia dotse says she is first in the Usa and then ghana as her mother has to have urgent surgery does not ask for money for that. asks for money for a new lap top as she gave hers to the church. then wants visa money to travel.

First she tried to get me to send her a laptop computer in Africa. Then later, claimed she lost 10,000 in cash and asked me to send her money. She claimed her credit cards wont work in Ghana which is a lie. They fully take American credit cards as the US consolate page instructs US travelers to Ghana to be careful using your credit cards over there due to the common fraud with credit cards. Also, I have found her photo no less than 5 times submitted by other users on your site and others as a scammer. She is a serial scammer.

I ended the discussion by confronting her that she is a scammer and that I found web sites that describe her scam very closely. She continued denying it and asked me what she should do to prove she is for real. I told her to send me a photocopy of her Maryland drivers license and that was the last I heard from her and she disappeared.

Too bad I didn’t find your website and others with her photos before I cut ties with her. It would have been fun to send her photos of herself with those other fake names and say, hmm… this looks a LOT like YOU! Fortunately, she didn’t get any of my money.

The only reason I am filing this report is to help others from being scammed. Clearly she is successful with doing this.

priscilla_boatemaa: so when are you going to send the money so that i can go to the embassy

priscilla_boatemaa: all you have to do is to go to westernunion or moneygram and it to the information i will give to you

priscilla_boatemaa: all you need is my name , address and telephone number

priscilla_boatemaa: you know before i can get the money i must show a valid id and my passport is no where to be found ..can you send the money through my brother''s name ?

priscilla_boatemaa: so that hw can withdraw the money for me ?

She had also a webcam and was excatly the same girl as used by Janet Mark, but called hereself Charity, owner of two dogs Max and Poke. Here girlfriends called Linda and Cherry. They also have a driver called Emmanuel Essein.

It does no good to contact the consulate for Ghana or the President.

Photos look much younger, she claims to be 35 in one letter, then 34 in another.

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