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50 Best Senior Living and Lifestyles Blogs

by Senior Care Staff on July 22, 2010

Growing older does not have to mean withering away at home. No longer do the retired members of society have to live out their lives in quiet and mundane ways. Senior citizens of today live very active lifestyles, full of activities and opportunities. Technology has also opened up a new world of retired living to senior citizens.

Whether you need information on housing, activities, technology or another area of senior living, there are many available resources. The following blogs provide much-needed advice and information on being a senior citizen in modern society and the choices and opportunities available.

  1. Senior Living Information Blog – Information and resources for the Chicago area about assisted living.
  2. Senior Lifestyle Concierge – Helpful blog about senior living and the changes that seniors face.
  3. Seniors for Living – Helpful blog for seniors containing various resources and information.
  4. Optimum Life Blog – Blog provided by the Brookdale Senior Living communities, with information, resources and q/a board for readers to ask a doctor questions.
  5. Silver Census Blog – Information and resources about senior living and other related issues.
  6. Real Life After 55 – Information and resources for senior citizens about various senior citizen issues.
  7. Younger Next Year – Information, advice and stories about things seniors can do to keep themselves young.
  8. Primrose Senior Living – Blog about senior living, including resources, wellness programs and assisted living information.
  9. Everyone is Aging! – Positive blog about being a senior and life as a senior.
  10. Lifestyles – Helpful information for seniors, including health tips for better living.
  11. Financial News – Discussion of life after retirement and the financial planning seniors need to do.
  12. Lifestyle Lounge – Information for seniors, including exercises that can be incorporated into everyday life.
  13. Abandon the Unwanted, Etch Golden Thoughts – Information about enhancing memory capabilities with age.
  14. Senior Citizens Bureau – Information and resources for senior citizens and their caregivers.
  15. Seniors Aloud – Blog dedicated to senior citizens, offering advice and tips on senior living and allowing readers to share their experiences.
  16. Online Relationship Guru – Information about senior citizen dating.
  17. Online Degree Talk – Information about senior citizens furthering their education using the internet.
  18. My Life, My Thoughts – Useful information about how senior citizens are using the internet to educate themselves, keep in touch with family and other ways.
  19. MindTalk – Discussion about how senior citizens can fulfill their dreams.
  20. Disabled World – Information about ways to improve the quality of life for senior citizens, with an in-depth discussion of changes in the American health plan.
  21. Cell Phone Plans – Helpful information about senior citizens using cell phones and how to pick a plan and phone for a senior citizen.
  22. What You’ve Heard – Information about senior citizen cruise ship vacations.
  23. Caring Space – Information about healthy eating, exercising and a lifestyle guide for senior citizens.
  24. Swank Pets – Information about the benefits of a small dog for senior citizens.
  25. Life Means Health – Useful information about ways for senior citizens to preserve their mental health.
  26. Pets for Older People – Importance of pets for senior citizens.
  27. SelfGrowth – Information about the rising use of the internet by seniors and useful sites for senior citizens.
  28. UforPrez – Discussion of the importance of senior citizens bringing on change in politics.
  29. Seniors and Credit cards – Discussion of the problem of credit card debt for seniors in today’s society and ways seniors can manage their debt.
  30. Senior Citizens Consortium Blog – A blog for seniors to discuss their thoughts about politics and the effect on their lives.
  31. Margaret and Helen – Personal blog of two aging seniors that are best friends and their active lifestyles.
  32. American Retired Seniors – Upbeat blog about life as a senior citizen, along with tips, advice and resources.
  33. Wend Blog – Information about senior citizens and camping.
  34. Corporate Eye – Discussion of social networking for senior citizens.
  35. Jibber Jobber – Discussion of employment issues facing senior citizens.
  36. All Voices – Discussion of being a senior citizen in modern society.
  37. Think Progress – Discussion of senior citizens and the AARP.
  38. Senior Ark – Useful information for senior citizens, including hobbies, crafts and activities.
  39. Miss Cellania – Discussion about senior citizens and continuing their romantic relationships after retirement.
  40. Future of Aging – Inspirational blog about aging in modern society, including tips and advice for senior citizens on improving their lives.
  41. Animal Shelter Tips – Information on the importance of pets for senior citizens and how to help seniors keep their pets.
  42. Crimscout’s Blog – Personal thoughts on becoming a senior citizen.
  43. Gordon Mac – Discussion on why seniors should have a wonderful lifestyle and how to achieve this goal.
  44. The Senior Exercise Blog – Useful information for seniors about keeping fit, even with age.
  45. Carlton Senior Living – Suggestions for senior citizen activities to help them live a healthy and happy life.
  46. Senior Health and Lifestyle Blog – Tips and advice for keeping fit and healthy as a senior citizen.
  47. CareBuzz – Helpful blog with resources and information for aging citizens, including activities and avoiding fraud.
  48. Brain Health Blog – Focusing on the brain health of senior citizens, with tips and advice on keeping a brain healthy and focused during the aging process.
  49. The Smirking Chimp Senior Citizen’s Blog – Informative blog about issues that senior citizens face and what they can expect as time passes.
  50. Geezer Guff – Lighthearted blog for senior citizens on a variety of subjects, including travel and health, all with a positive spin.

Seniors' Sex Lives Are Up — and So Are STD Cases Around the Country

by Marni Jameson, May 17, 2011 | Comments: 0

Across the nation, and especially in communities that attract a lot of older Americans, the free-love generation is continuing to enjoy an active — if not always healthy — sex life.

STD rates are climbing among people 55 and older. — Getty Images/ Flickr RF

AARP's Inside E Street reports on the rise of STDs among older adults and visits with a group of Miami Beach retirees who produced a safe sex video.

In the five years from 2005 to 2009, the number of reported cases of syphilis and chlamydia among those 55 and older increased 43 percent, according to an Orlando Sentinel analysis of data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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In Riverside County, Calif., home to retirement mecca Palm Springs, reported cases were up 50 percent over the five-year span, according to data from that county's health department.

The factors driving the rise of STDs in the older set include Americans living longer, healthier lives and a new class of medications, which include Viagra, making more sex possible. Many older adults didn't get the safe-sex messages that younger generations received, say experts, so their condom use is lower. In addition, more seniors are living in group retirement communities where there's more socializing.

"These seniors may lose a spouse, then get lonely," said Dr. Jason Salagubang, a geriatrician on staff at Florida Hospital Apopka. "They're living in retirement communities with others in the same boat, and sparks fly."

"The discussion certainly happens here," Williams said. She applies a portion of the funds her agency receives from the state for health education promoting safer senior sex and getting tested.

Finally, a more open sexual attitude has contributed to the rising infection rate.

STD Facts

Because STDs often have no symptoms, they frequently go untreated and make seniors more prone to other infections, Salagubang said. And these infections will make other conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, worse.

Although older Americans account for a relatively small proportion of new STD diagnoses overall, providing them education and services to help protect them from infection is critical, said Rachel Powell, CDC spokeswoman.

"Often I see a huge look of relief on their faces, because they are too embarrassed to ask," said Micklavzina, who's been in practice 25 years. "The responsibility of bringing this up should be on the practitioner, not the patient, to make the conversation easier."

But according to what she hears from seniors, Fowlkes said, that's not happening. "Doctors aren't asking seniors if they are sexually active. And if doctors don't ask, seniors don't volunteer the information."

Marcia Suss, a well-informed 68-year-old from Brooklyn, simply insists. "You have to be very careful because you don't know where the person you're going out with has been," she said. "If the person is not willing to get tested or wear a condom, then I'm not interested. I'm not looking to pick anything up because it's forever."

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